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​The Best Condoms of 2018

Quite naturally the best condom for the average man who is allergic to latex is not going to be the same condom as one for the average man who has no sensitivities to latex. Subsequently, the condom that feels the best for a couple who only needs birth control would not be the same as the one for the couple who needs birth control and protection from STDs.So we have extended the categories. In addition, the winners have not been selected by researchers in a laboratory setting. They have been sel …
25th Jun 2018

​Top Condom Questions and Answers

At first we were going to limit the Q&A to the Top Five Condom Questions, but in researching we discovered that depending on age there were a plethora of inquiries. We are giving you the top questions, but we are also giving you some inquiries that will give you a lot of information.Q. What’s the deal with condoms? They are relatively new, so what does this have to do with me?First, condoms are not new. They have been around for centuries. They may not have been made of the same materials as tho …
24th Jun 2018

Everything you ever wanted to know about condoms

If you are young enough to think that condoms are somewhat of a new invention, you have another think coming. The use of a condom can be traced back to 1000 BC when Egyptians wore sheaths made from linen. No one knows for sure if they were used for birth control or whether they were for ceremonial purposes. In around 100 AD the earliest use of condoms were seen in cave drawings discovered in Combarelles in France.Just before the 15th Century, it seemed that Glans condoms were in use in some plac …
23rd Jun 2018 Jenna

What is a Female Condom?

There are sex-perts that say there are no new sexual positions as can be evidenced in the Kama Sutra. Indeed, there are those who say there are no new ideas – only new twists on old ideas. That new idea thought may have been true until the modern invention of the female condom.People who have been married for years and singles who are in mid-life may have seen educational material regarding safe sex that mentioned female condoms. Since they did not have a used for a condom in the first place, th …
21st Jun 2018

Does the fit of a condom really matter?

Not all condoms are created equal and neither are all men. There is nothing more disappointing than when you both are ready and you have just one condom. You roll it on as instructed and it can be too short, or worse, too tight. If you use it and it is too short, it may not protect adequately or it may come off during use. If it is too tight you will feel like your entire circulation is being cut off. If you do not lose your desire all together, your encounter will be less fulfilling …
13th Jun 2018