​A Guide To Your Perfect Condom

​A Guide To Your Perfect Condom

Before you consider anything else, the first thing you have to get right when choosing which condom to use is; what size is your penis and which condoms fit into your size range.

The fastest, cheapest and easiest way to do this is to simply measure the size of your penis. It is important to know the length of your shaft; however it is crucial to know the width (circumference), because it is the width that will make the condom feel too tight (so it can split), too loose (so it may come off) or just right for maximum pleasure.

Measuring the shaft is very straight forward, once your penis is fully erect take a tape measure or ruler and simply measure from the base of the penis where is meets your stomach/bladder region all the way to the tip of the penis head.

Measuring the width is slightly more challenging but there are several useful tools available on the condom market that make an accurate measurement quick and easy so that you are in no doubt to the actual size of your erect penis.

There are penis measures that you can buy that are very easy to use and will tell you the size of your penis within seconds. However there are also free measuring guides that you can download and print off if you have use of a printer. British Condoms have one of the best FREE penis measuring guides. It was created by a condom brand called MySize condoms that specialise in producing condoms in many different sizes because they know that everybody is different and they want everybody to find their perfect condom.

Once you have accurately measured your penis you can then look to find a condom that meets your specific requirements. Many condom users do not realise just how many styles of condoms are available to purchase. Here is a quick guide to the most popular condom styles on the market:

Thin Condoms

Many condom users want the sensation when wearing a condom to feel as if they are not wearing one at all. Thin condoms allow this to occur and have become very popular. The Skyn condom brand offers a very good range of thin condoms.

Textured Condoms

Textured condoms are also very popular these days. They are designed to give the female extra sensation and pleasure during sex. Most textured condoms are designed with either raised dots or a ribbed effect running round the condom. Some condoms are both ribbed and dotted for maximum pleasure such as the Durex Intense condom.

Extra Safe Condoms

Extra safe condoms are usually thicker than your average condom. They are mainly used by couples who want extra protection from getting pregnant or catching sti’s or by couples who enjoy anal sex. They are very popular in gay relationships. The slightly thicker condom offers more durability and therefore less chance of it splitting during intercourse.

Small Condoms

This style of condom does exactly what is says on the tin. If you are slightly smaller than average then you can find your perfectly sized condom by browsing condoms within the small condom category. There are plenty to choose from these days but if you are unsure then you could always purchase a small condoms trial pack. This way you can try a variety until you find the one for you.

Large Condoms

I don’t want to repeat myself here but what applies to those of you with a smaller than average penis also apply to those of you with a larger than average penis. As stated above there are now plenty to choose from so don’t let your size worry you or put you off using condoms. Just take a good look around, try the ones that you think you have the best change of fitting and if you do need any help, just get in touch with a member of our team and we will try and help the best we can. But remember, the best way to find the perfect condom is to measure your penis.

Latex Free Condoms

Unfortunately, a small percentage of condom users get an adverse reaction to the latex material they are made from. Recently however, many condom manufacturers have focussed on trying to create condoms for such people. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable therefore getting a reaction because of an allergy slightly negates the intension of using a condom in the first place. This style of condom is called latex free, however most of them are still made of latex because latex is a very strong and durable material for condoms. What they have cleverly done though, is to remove the latex property that causes the allergic reactions of the skin. Producing latex free condoms is a longer and more expensive process therefore many latex free condoms are priced slightly higher than average but many will say that paying slightly more for a latex free condom is well worth it. So if you suffer from an allergy to latex, I encourage you take a look at the latex free condom range.

Female Condoms

Many couples for one reason or another prefer the female to wear the condom, rather than the male. Female condoms are larger than male condoms and fit inside the vagina. Unfortunately, there aren’t a large variety to choose from on the market and because they are larger in size, they can also be slightly more expensive. The most popular female condom in the UK is the Pasante female internal condom.

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