Why You Have To Love The Lube

Why You Have To Love The Lube

Whether you’re an expert or a novice, people can always use some good, old-fashioned lube advice. If you’re already a pro but you’re looking at different ways to enjoy it, or you’re not too sure which to pick, then head over here to help find the right lube for you, plus you’ll find answers to some of more common questions that you may have. Finding which lube is right for you will go a long way to maximising enjoyment when it comes to sex.

There are times when natural lubrication may decrease, such as if you’re taking certain medications or there are hormonal changes going on and if that’s the case you’ll find that lube can really help the situation. And if dryness isn’t an issue then using it can simply increase sexual pleasure – which, let’s be fair, is more than enough reason to use it at all!

Where can it be used?

All lubrication is specially formulated to be used in the obvious way so you’re fine to put it on the most intimate areas, on the penis, or in the vagina, etc. Or you can just put it elsewhere on your body for extra slipperiness. It’s perfect for exploring different sensations with your partner. If anal sex is on the cards then it’s much more important to have some lube on hand because there’s no natural moisture to build up.

Why use it?

There’s no set list of reasons why you could or should use extra lubrication, just look at it like an extra player in the bedroom, so to speak.

  • It can make the transition from gentle touching to sexual intercourse a lot more smooth.
  • It can also create a more exciting, intense build up to sex.
  • If dryness is an issue than it can really help to ease any discomfort.
  • It’s not even confined to sex, lube can be used for solo play as well. Particularly useful if sex toys are included in the equation…..

What types of lube are there and which should I be using?

There are two main types, water-based and silicone-based. But there are other ones as well, flavoured, those designed for anal use and some which stimulate different sensations. So you have a range to pick from, it isn’t one size fits all (so to speak).

Water-based ones are very light in terms of fluid and they won’t leave a tell-tale stain on clothes or bedsheets. The majority are fine for sensitive skin and they’re non-sticky so they can be washed off easily and quickly.

Silicone-based lube is glossier and thicker than its water-based counterpart. The main difference is that the skin won’t easily absorb this type of fluid so the fun can last for longer and you won’t need frequent interruptions to apply more….a definite bonus right there.

If you’re not a fan of artificial colours or flavours, or if you want something super sensitive for your skin then natural gels might be the ones for you. They’re great during sex and safe for both condoms and sex toys alike.

Are condoms and lube a good match?

As a general rule, yes, most are safe to use with condoms, but don’t take needless risks and always read the label if you aren’t sure. If the label does give the go-ahead then just apply the lube to the condom once it’s on. Oil-based lubricants should definitely be used with caution because they can cause the latex in condoms to perish, i.e. render them useless for protection.

Do you have any other burning questions about lube and the use of? Have a look at some of the ones we’ve answered below.

Q. How much should I use?

A. If you’re trying one out for the first time then just rub a little bit in onto your skin to test it for any sensitivity and if there is none then you’re good to go! You can literally use as much as you like when the mood takes you. There’s another interesting aspect which is that most lubes double up as massage gel so how about a back rub as a lead-up to sex?

Q. Is it safe to swallow?

A. Assuming that you’re not going to be drinking it in pints, then most of the water-based ones are – and there are even some which are sugar free for the calorie conscious among you. Just check out the label first.

Q. Once it’s opened, how long can I keep it for?

A. 3 months is the recommended time limit. Make sure that it’s stored safely away from children and pets and out of direct sunlight and away from heat.

Q. Can lube be used for masturbation as well?

A. Absolutely! In fact, one might describe it as the perfect playmate….

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