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​Great Ways to Spice up your Love Life in the New Year

Ah, yes, January 1st has come and gone. What happened to all those New Year’s resolutions? Did you plan to go on a diet, quit smoking, exercise more, and quit yelling at the kids? How long did your endeavor last? While many promises for the beginning of any new year last a week or two at most, there is an idea that you can begin any time you like – and stick with it! You can always spice things up in your love life!Some ancient philosopher said variety’s the spice of life. However, if you just d …
13th Feb 2018

​The Best Condoms of 2018

Quite naturally the best condom for the average man who is allergic to latex is not going to be the same condom as one for the average man who has no sensitivities to latex. Subsequently, the condom that feels the best for a couple who only needs birth control would not be the same as the one for the couple who needs birth control and protection from STDs.So we have extended the categories. In addition, the winners have not been selected by researchers in a laboratory setting. They have been sel …
12th Feb 2018

​How Diabetes can affect your sex life

The natural supplements industry is over a billion dollar industry worldwide. Quite a few of these magic potions are designed to fight the problems couple have in bed, including low libido and ED. It is quite possible that individuals are self-diagnosing their illnesses and have no clue what is causing the problems.According to CBS New affects 371 million individuals worldwide and yet 187 million do not know they have the disease. These are figures from the International Diabetes Federation from …
6th Feb 2018

​Are there condoms for the well-endowed?

In every civilized country men have used the excuse to their potential lovers that they can’t wear a condom because they are all too tight, his circulation is cut off, he loses his erection or more often than not, the condom breaks. During sex. While he may be telling the truth it is no excuse not to have safe sex. But there is a way to ‘help’ him – and to determine if he is just a cheater.Women can appreciate this analogy. One woman is hosting a party in her flat and she has gone out and purcha …
25th Jan 2018

​Top Condom Questions and Answers

At first we were going to limit the Q&A to the Top Five Condom Questions, but in researching we discovered that depending on age there were a plethora of inquiries. We are giving you the top questions, but we are also giving you some inquiries that will give you a lot of information.Q. What’s the deal with condoms? They are relatively new, so what does this have to do with me?First, condoms are not new. They have been around for centuries. They may not have been made of the same materials as …
16th Jan 2018