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Non Latex Condoms Value Pack (29 Pack)

Value Pack Non Latex Sensation Thin Length: Various Width: Various Regular
Material: Latex Free
Value Pack Non Latex Sensation Thin Length: Various Width: Various Regular
Material: Latex Free
Save £7.88
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Non Latex Condoms Value Pack (29 Non Latex Condoms)



10 x Durex Real Feel Condoms

9 x Pasante Unique Condoms

10 x Mates Skyn Original Condoms

Not only men but some women have allergies or bad reactions to latex and rubber. It can be difficult to find condoms that are hypoallergenic and give outstanding performance as well. While authentic lambskin condoms feel wonderful, the natural material is finely porous. Semen cannot get through the material but bacteria can. They can protect against pregnancy but not against HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. British Condoms has a proprietary non-latex condom value pack that proves you can get superb protection and superior sensations for a value price.

In this value pack you receive:

10 x Durex Real Feel Condoms - These are made from a technically advanced non-latex named RealFeel™ which is clinically proven to deliver heightened sensations. No worries about latex sensitivity.

“Very good and stretch better than other non-latex condoms. They seem to be the only non-latex condom that are possible to squeeze in to for someone on the girthy side.”

“Recently tried these condoms and was very impressed with the results. Increased enjoyment for both parties.”

Excellent. Never liked condoms before but these are great! Think the most impressive thing for me is that they don’t smell bad like regular condoms and the feeling is as good as not wearing anything!”

9 x Pasante Unique - The Unique is the world's thinnest condom in a revolutionary card package that is the size and shape of a standard credit card.  Simply peel off and play, then hide away. Made of synthetic resin AT-10, which is ultra-thin but just as safe as latex condoms.

One of the best condoms I have ever used. Although the texture feels odd in your hand, once you are using it, it almost feels like you are not wearing a condom. If you don’t like wearing condoms but do because you have to then I would recommend Pasante Unique as they are the closest thing to condomless sex that I have used. They also have the bonuses of not being made from latex so no irritation and you can put oil based lube on them. All in all, a definite recommend.”

“Great quality and gives confidence to use. Will recommend.”

10 x Mates Skyn Original - This is the most sensual extra-sensitive condom on the market today without a doubt. Mates Skyn condoms are made of a revolutionary new material called Sensoprene, designed to be stretchy, soft and comfortable. The ultra-thin Mates Skyn condom hugs every curve, and its triple-tested design keeps you safe and secure at all times. This is a very popular and highly rated condom.

“First use of SKYN product yesterday and great initial sensation when entering my partner. Nearest thing to wearing nothing at all and good reaction from her, as she remained extremely wet throughout. Some condoms tend to deaden the sensation a little but have to say these don't, 10 out of 10!”

“This is an excellent condom which provided the 'nearest to unprotected sex feeling' that I have ever experienced whilst actually wearing a condom.”

“Fantastic condoms. Best non latex ones I’ve used. From a female point of view these condoms are terrific; they feel natural and don’t have that strange smell that some condoms have. Will be buying more!”

How to use

Use a condom only once.  Please refer to the individual instructions for details on the suitability of these condoms.

Hazards and Cautions

Please read the instructions provided carefully, especially if you are using condoms for anal or oral sex. No method of contraception can give you 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or sexually transmitted infections.

Important info

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

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