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Two heads are better than one

It’s every guy’s wet dream – to be able to fuck two women at the same time. In your fantasies you are Superman. You can take each one over and over and they think you are the greatest lover since Zeus. In your fantasies you strut like a peacock. You don’t need to crow and spread your feathers; your dick does all the talking. In reality your first ménage is somewhat like your dog chasing after the ice cream truck. He may bark ferociously and run for several blocks. Suddenly the truck stops and …
6th Nov 2015

You can get a great education in a library

To look at me and the work I do you would think I am a very boring person. I am head librarian in a large institution and I look the part. I wear a lot of long brown skirts with sensible shoes. My glasses have dark rims and I pull my long dark hair into a bun at the back of my neck. I am the stereotype. People ask me how I can do such a boring job day after day. I give them my Mona Lisa smile and just say I manage.I would call them all idiots, but that is too mean for the virginal librarian. But …
30th Oct 2015

Give It a rest!

There are thousands, maybe millions of guys who wish they lived in my situation. Let me tell you, the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. I am not saying that my girlfriend is a sex maniac or nymphomaniac, but she sure is difficult to keep up with! Sometimes when I am really down or depressed, I wish I could loan her out for cash. I’m not serious, it’s just a never-come-true fantasy. She says it is me who makes her so horny. I wish I could believe that. I would do my best …
16th Oct 2015

Come again next year

When you are a single, straight, unattached male planning your summer holiday it seems like there are very few options. Everything is promoted for couples. I do not mind having couples where I go (no little kids!) but I do want a lot of single women. After all, it is a holiday. I want to get as much as I can!Searching on-line I could not find anything that sounded like fun. So I called a travel agent and asked him for suggestions. He invited me in for a meeting and said he had the ideal destinat …
9th Oct 2015

The Lap of Luxury

The company I work for has customers in many larger cities across the globe. There is one particular customer that my colleagues do not like and anytime there is an assignment for a client visit they will do anything, including bribes, to have someone else take their place. I had not met the madman as yet so I agreed to the trip. It was a new city to me and I looked forward to the trip. When my colleagues learned I was going they all gave me their non-supportive sympathies and looked at each oth …
2nd Oct 2015