Stuart Brown

Stuart has been working in this field for more than twenty years, both in specialised sexual health units for the NHS in Oxford, London, York and Edinburgh as well as working within St Thomas’ Hospital, The Royal London Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital and in a private clinic in Harley Street. He has also spent periods of time working as a clinical psychologist in the well-known psychiatric hospitals Broadmoor and Rampton, including working closely with a number of high profile patients.

Stuart took A-Levels in Biology, Sociology and Maths before graduating from Nottingham University with a degree in Health and Social Care and then going on to gain a Masters’ degree in Psychology. After graduation he chose to travel abroad for a year before starting work within the NHS. This allowed him to have a far wider picture of different societies, globally, and instigated his passion for helping people to manage their interpersonal relationships. Stuart then gained his experience directly from working in healthcare settings before beginning to concentrate on the social elements of relationships to combine the two.

Working directly with people affected by sexual health issues taught him how to approach and tackle the inconsistencies within having a satisfying everyday life and being confident about sexual health. He aims to debunk misconceptions and helps patients to not only seek any treatment they might need, but also to understand that there is no stigma around having sexual health issues. He believes that it’s only by normalising common STIs that the majority of people who need to come forward for treatment, will do so. His work has also concentrated on raising awareness of the more serious sexual health issues and how important it is to seek early treatment.

As part of his work and psychology studies Stuart has also become an expert in relationships and how to manage them within everyday life. He is a firm believer that successful relationships need to be nurtured and he focuses on providing the tools for people to be able to do this. He has worked with hundreds of patients, not only teaching them how to go forward in life positively but also how to gain the confidence to do this. He firmly believes that for many people, success comes from starting to manage their relationships at a grassroots level, no matter how long they might have been going on for. It’s easy to form bad habits and Stuart works with his patients to untangle complex relationships and showing them the strategies to get them on the right track again. He also provides support for people who are going through relationship break-ups, whether that’s romantically or otherwise. He focuses on the wider social aspects of having successful relationships and encourages couples to work together where possible.

Stuart is the author of a number of sexual health and relationships articles, in which he has concentrated on writing about both the basic elements of relationships and further complexities of sexual health. He has become an expert on the various types of contraception and how to match the patient with the right type for them. He has worked with a wide range of patients, educating them and helping them to make the right contraceptive choices for them personally because he believes that prevention is better than cure in the bedrock of healthy sexual relationships.

Stuart now concentrates on educating and stimulating interest about relationships and sexual health. The expertise he has achieved from his work over a number of years equips him to help people make important life decisions and how to be happy. Contrary to popular belief, he is firmly of the opinion that being happy doesn’t rely on the more tangible elements such as making money and living in large houses, rather that happiness comes from within – and the best place to start this metaphorical journey is by having an understanding of how, what, when, where and why.

Stuart Brown
Doctor of Sexual Health at the NHS Royal London Hospital & Relationship Expert. Columnist at An advocate of safe sex. Avid Arsenal fan.

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