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Never Again – I Hope!

My boyfriend and I have been living together for about three months. We dated for about six months before he asked me to move in. He is/was everything I looked for in a man. He is honest, has a good job, stays away from drugs, has a great sense of humor and generally treats me very well. Ninety percent of the time he is considerate. No woman gets 100%. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get into one of his pouty little moods or that he doesn’t enjoy his brand of kink. Everyone has moods and everyone has likes and dislikes.

One of my dislikes are his friends – three in particular. They give me the creeps and when they come over I try to avoid them. Since it is his home, I really have no say about who visits and who doesn’t. It is not our home – it is his. These guys are always leering at me and giving me snide smiles like they know something I don’t. They are not very pleasant and if it weren’t for my boyfriend, I wouldn’t give them the time of day.

A month or so ago they came over to watch some sports on the big TV in the family room. This is a fairly modern home as far as layout goes. It is open-concept with a large kitchen that has a breakfast counter separating it from the great room. The dining room is off to the side. He had asked me to make some snacks for them to eat during the game. He didn’t tell me to make them; he asked me to make them. I spent a lot of time on the food and made sure there was plenty of beer.

During the game, things changed. The mood changed. He changed. Instead of asking for something, he would tell me to get up and get this and that. He told me to pick up the empty bottles and clean the coffee table. Every time someone wanted something, instead of getting up and getting it themselves, he told me to go get it.

The mature thing to do would either go into another room or leave the house – or take him aside in private and tell him I did not appreciate his attitude. No, I made a mistake and went off on him in front of his dastardly friends. The more I spoke the louder I got. I know my face must have looked like I was going to stroke out. I told him in no uncertain terms that I was not his mother, housekeeper or maid. If he wanted something he could get it himself. Who was he to order me around like a gatekeeper? And those were the nice things.

True to his nature, he did not yell back or make any indication that what I had said made any headway. He just asked if I was finished. I didn’t say anything. He took my hand and led me into the kitchen behind the breakfast bar where we could see his friends and they could see us. I would say the counter is about waist high. He grabbed the back of my neck and forced me to bend over the counter looking straight at the wackos. I tried to get up but he told me not to move and the next thing I know he is pushing my shorts and underwear down to my ankles! I thought: what the shit?

I was wiggling and struggling to get up when the first smack hit. He was spanking my bare butt in front of his friends! As embarrassing as it was, I thought he might just give me a couple of whacks and that would be it – but oh, no. He kept at it. First one cheek and then the other. He paid a lot of attention to the area where my butt met my thigh. And he got my thighs, too. I was crying, I was begging, I was apologizing but he did not let up. I was burning so badly. I tried to cover my butt with my hands, but he held both of them together behind my back. I tried moving my hips from side to side to avoid his hand and that didn’t work, either.

Those jack asses in the great room were clapping and cheering for him – encouraging him to give me more. They all said if his hand got tired they would be glad to help. I was sobbing so hard I could barely get my breath.

Finally, it was over. All I could do was stay where I was and cry. I couldn’t move. He grabbed me around the waist and made me stand in front of him. All I could see through my blurry eyes were his cronies. Then he raised my arms so he could take my T-shirt off – and then he removed my bra! I was standing there bare chested for his friends to see.

I heard him unzip his pants and shove them to the floor. He took off his shirt and pulled me back against him. His cock was hard and he slipped it between my legs rubbing against my pussy. He reached around and began playing with my tits and nipples while we had an audience. I have never complained about his prowess in bed – he is amazing. But he began to say dirty things to me that should have been reserved for the privacy of our bedroom – not share with his buddies.

He said that playing with my tits made his cock harder – my ass was hot and made him ache for me – he wanted to make me come and scream his name. The combination of the trash talk, his cock sliding against my pussy lips and his hands manipulating my tits were making me weak-kneed and wet. His buddies were playing with themselves through the front of their pants.

Before we ever had sex the first time, we got tested for diseases. I can’t take the pill and he doesn’t want to use a condom. Since we are monogamous I didn’t see any problem. He never comes in me (except my mouth) and pulls out so I won’t get pregnant. He has marked every inch of my body and says that means I am his. It’s like a big cat marking his territory. This is our business and no one else’s.

Then he begins talking about spraying my red ass with his white come and watch it drip down. Jeez. He bent me back over the counter and proceeded to fuck me in front of his friends. They could not see his cock thrusting in and out of me, but they could see my tits jiggle and swing with each plunge in and out.

I couldn’t help it. He fucks like a master. I begin to groan and tell him I am about to come. I look up and the guys have their dicks out and are pumping away. I can’t believe I am getting fucked while watching three miscreants jerk off. I could not hold back any longer and my pussy began clinching around his big cock. I let out a small scream – looked – and all three of his friends began shooting when I came.

A few more fast moves where I could hear his stomach slapping against my sore ass and he pulled out quickly and sprayed my bottom. His come was so hot on my flesh. Have you ever gotten a bad sunburn and then felt warm water?

He pulled his pants back up and then swatted me on the flank and told me to clean up and clean up the floor. So now his flakey friends knew how we usually made love. The first thing I did was wet a small towel with cold water and clean my rear and thighs. That cold compress felt so good. I took a long time in doing this. Then I mopped up the tile floor.

I could not sit for a day but he still fucked me a couple of more times that night. Not a word was said about what happened and it hasn’t been spoken of since. I can tell you for a fact I will never yell at him again – at least not in front of anyone else. Interesting enough, he hasn’t told me to do anything else. He always asks.

He made his point – in spades. But I got my word in, too. He did listen. Next time I’ll try a different approach.

4th Aug 2016

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