4 Ways Audio Erotic Stories Can Strengthen Your Relationship

4 Ways Audio Erotic Stories Can Strengthen Your Relationship

While sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship, it definitely ranks pretty high up on the priority list. According to one study, “satisfying and consistent” sex accounts for about 20% of relationship satisfaction. Other important factors include communication, honesty, and commitment.

But what if you could have your cake and eat it too, so to speak? Research suggests that improving your sex life and intimacy directly impacts the health and strength of your overall relationship. Keeping your sex life healthy and exciting is no easy task but with a little effort, innovation, and an open mind, you can discover new heights of pleasure and happiness that extend far beyond the bedroom.

One, often overlooked, way to connect with your partner on multiple levels is the use of erotic film. While some people are uncomfortable watching erotic videos or movies with their significant other, doing so can actually strengthen your relationship in a variety of ways. But before you panic or sign up for a website or movie site, we’re here to offer a less intimidating (and much more intimate) alternative to traditional erotica.

Introducing: audio erotic stories. This revolutionary form of erotica is transforming the way couples enjoy and explore one another both sexually and emotionally. So grab your earbuds and let’s uncover 4 ways that audio erotica can help strengthen your relationship and deepen both your emotional and physical connection.

What Are Audio Erotic Stories?

As the name suggests, erotic stories are stories that you can download and play in the comfort of your home (vehicle, gym, or wherever the mood strikes you). Think of it as a naughty version of your favorite audiobook. Narrators with captivating and seductive voices read erotic stories aloud for your listening pleasure. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and listen to an erotic story that pushes the limits of your sexual expertise. After all, that’s the point!

Most people find it much easier and less intimidating to share these naughty stories with a partner vs. watching graphic movies and video clips.

4 Ways Audio Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Instead of viewing sex-based material as a wedge between you and your partner, why not see it as a tool for getting closer? When used correctly, audio erotic stories can help deepen your connection in new and exciting ways.

1. Learn More About What Your Partner Wants and Needs

They say giving is better than receiving. Do you get off on getting your partner off? Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there who prefer to give sexual pleasure than to receive it. Or at least want to reciprocate! But it can be difficult to know exactly what your partner wants, needs, and likes. This is especially true if your other half is too shy to speak up.

Body language can speak wonders when it comes to a tight-lipped partner. Choose an erotic story that appeals to both of your sexual appetites. Sit or lay together in a relaxing atmosphere and press play. Now, observe how your partner reacts to certain parts of the story. Watch their body language. If they twitch, wiggle, or squirm during a specific scene, it may be something they secretly desire. Take notice of where and how they touch themselves. If possible, ask them questions as the story unfolds. They may nod their head or give a sexy grin when you probe deeper into which parts of the story turn them on most and why.

2. Increase Your Emotional Connection

As if the previously described scenario wasn’t intimate enough, audio porn can take your relationship to amazing new heights by deepening your emotional connection.

For starters, sharing any form of sexy material with your partner is a highly intimate experience. But there’s something especially captivating and sensual about audio erotica. The narrator’s seductive voice whispering in your ear is a very personal experience. When you listen with your other half, you’re sharing an intimate moment that will only bring you closer together. By allowing yourselves to be vulnerable and raw, you can learn to let your emotional walls down and surrender yourself fully.

Research suggests that having an emotional connection with your lover makes for stronger, more intense orgasms. Why not listen to an audio story together with a “hands-off” rule? Neither of you can touch each other or yourselves until the story ends. Now, you have shared sexual energy that only your significant other can understand and satisfy. This can make for some pretty intense and emotional lovemaking.

3. Have a New, Shared Experience

Speaking of shared experiences, nothing brings two people closer together than sharing something new. From hobbies and fitness goals to sexual experiences, sharing is caring! If neither of you has ever listened to this type of audio, this is something you can do together for the first time. You both may be a little nervous and hesitant but this is just one more opportunity for you to let your guard down and let your partner in.

4. Strengthen Your Commitment

According to one study, 1 in 5 people have been unfaithful to their partner. Sadly, cheating happens and monogamy is more difficult for some people than others. One reason people stray from their partners is a lack of sexual excitement. If one partner has a healthier sexual appetite than the other, it can cause a pretty big rift between two people. One partner feels deprived and unsatisfied while the other feels inadequate and pressured. These emotions are a recipe for disaster and destruction.

Utilizing erotic stories to indulge in naughty desires, role-playing fantasies, or to quell your sexual thirst is one way to satisfy your needs without being unfaithful. You can also avoid putting unfair pressure on your partner to perform certain sex acts or indulge your fantasies. Ask to share these experiences with your other half and they may soon become more open-minded to trying new things.

Change your attitudes

No, we aren’t suggesting you change your beliefs or morals about watching vulgar videos with your significant other. What we are suggesting is using these types of stories as a gateway to a deeper, more intimate relationship.

They’re an un-intimidating way to explore your desires and your partner’s body! You can also learn to be more honest and vocal about what you need, deepening your emotional connection and creating a more intimate sexual experience. Whether you listen together or apart, these types of audio stories are sure to spice up your sex life and help you see and experience your partner in new and exciting ways. 

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