Thinking Of Organising A Surprise Romantic Night Away

Thinking Of Organising A Surprise Romantic Night Away

Sweeping someone off their feet and treating them to a night away is almost always gold standard behaviour. Provided that you get the little details right – don’t choose a shabby seaside B&B if you have a partner who enjoys glitzy city breaks, for example. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with shabby seaside B&Bs of course, but they do have to hold a particular bucket-and-spade appeal if you’re planning to stay at one. So, how do you make sure that your surprise night away goes with a bang (or three)? Stocking up on some condoms is an excellent place to start, but what else goes into this magical, romantic mixture?

Clear their schedule. If there’s anything that will make someone feel on edge it’s worrying about what they should be doing. Sort the details, present your partner with the complete package of relaxation and watch their face light up.

As above, pick your place wisely. You need to think about all the integral factors because getting it wrong can ruin the whole thing and make you wish you were back at home. How are you going to travel – plane, train or automobile? Also, how far away from home do you want to be? It might be that you have children to think about and your partner might prefer being within touching distance of home just in case. If this does sound familiar, there are lots of ways that you can still make the night away feel like exactly that, even if you are just half an hour down the road.

Consider your facility options too. Spa hotels are definitely a ‘thing’ if your partner is into their facials and massages, or maybe you’ll both prefer to gaze out at relaxing countryside while you eat breakfast. Or maybe you won’t care at all and a city centre hotel surrounded by brickwork will be just fine with you.

Be on top of childcare. There’s nothing less sexy than panicking that your babysitter won’t know how your child likes their pasta served, or how to get the baby down to sleep in their cot. Organise your childcare with precision, so that your partner doesn’t have to, roping in family is often a good idea. It’ll make the unveiling of your surprise all the more exciting!

Finances. With virtually everyone feeling the financial squeeze at the moment, making sure that you have the funds to comfortably be doing what you’re doing is another crucial factor. Planning and saving are your friends here. Sticking it on a credit card might be an immediate option, but be certain that the increased balance isn’t going to come back to haunt your romantic dreams.

Packing. This is probably the trickiest bit of creating a surprise for your partner. Choosing clothes is a personal thing and thinking that you know what makes your partner feel a million dollars doesn’t always translate to actual knowledge. Pick carefully and go for tried and tested pieces rather than a purple dress that she’s had stashed at the back of the wardrobe for six months, even if it is rather sexy. Play it safe. If you’ll need a separate outfit for your partner for the following day, then scope out your options in secret. And don’t forget the toiletries: at a minimum you’ll need a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and a hairbrush. Plus associated make-up paraphernalia if appropriate.

Room details. Assuming that you’ll probably be spending the majority of time in your hotel/Air B’n B room, plan some extra touches. Flowers and champagne waiting is the classic one, but only you know what your partner will love (it might just be a bed that they haven’t had to make up themselves!).

Then, think about how you want to break the news of your super sexy surprise night away. You probably don’t want to be yelling it across the kitchen during morning breakfast squabbles with the children, or sending a rushed text message that only contains half of the salient information. Why not write a note or a card telling them to be ready at X time and reassure them that you’ve taken care of everything?

Last – but certainly not least, as the saying goes – make sure that you have the requisite contraception on board. And for a night away you can choose something a little different; flavoured condoms, glow in the dark ones, ribbed, dotted (or both), a new tube of lube that you can double up as a massage gel is an excellent idea. Browse your options and pick carefully – it might just be the icing on the cake!

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