How To Remove Lube Stains

How To Remove Lube Stains

Lube stains, if you don’t wash the sheets right away, can be super embarrassing. The stains are there to reveal your pleasure to the world. And that’s something that should be kept to yourself. The world doesn’t need to know your pleasures. So, that means that the stains need to be removed. Here are some ideas and items that can remove lube stains.


The first thing that should be talked about is that there are a bunch of different fabrics. That means that some cleaning items might not work on particular fabrics while others do. You’ll have to do some research about what cleaning products will work on your fabric. Don’t be frustrated if some don’t work. It’s just the nature of life.


The first thing to understand is that if the stain remains after being washed, don’t put the item into the dryer. That can make the stain permanent and then you’ll never get it out. Also, if the stain has already dried, then put some more of the same lube on the stain. That will rehydrate it and help with the removal process.

Now you have to put a generous amount of the cleaning product on the stain. This will make sure that the entire stain has been saturated. And then try rubbing it into the fabric with a soft brush. Afterwards, wash the linen in hot water and use a high-quality laundry detergent. That should get rid of the stain super-fast.


Satin is a delicate fabric. Therefore, you need to be delicate when removing the stain. The first thing to do is get some detergent and mix it with cool water. This will make a cleaning solution. Then dip a soft cloth into the solution. Use the cloth to softly blot the lube stain. That should slowly get rid of the stain. Just continue to dip and blot to improve the fabric. Once the stain seems to be gone, then you should stop blotting the satin. Afterwards, air dry the fabric. If it looks like the stain is still there after drying, repeat the process until it is completely gone.


Blot the impacted area to get rid of any excess liquid or debris. Use a clean, dry cloth. It is recommended to use a linen cloth, as it doesn’t shed lint. Soak it in a cleaning solution that is half white vinegar, half wool detergent and cool water. By blotting the stain, it should get rid of most of it.

The next thing to do is to soak the wool. Put the entire sheets into the sink or a large tub filled with cool water and wool detergent. Be careful when rubbing at the stain. Be sure to be gentle. Once you are finished, rinse until all the soap is gone. Then rinse it again in water and white vinegar. Get the vinegar off and then dry. Put the sheets in between two towels and press them in to soak the water. Afterwards, air dry the sheets. Be sure not to put it in direct sunlight.

Water-Based Lube Stains

It is recommended to use white vinegar and rock salt when working with water-based lube stains. Put a liberal amount of vinegar on the stain. Then use the rock salt to extract the stain from the sheets. This should get rid of most of the stain. To get rid of the remaining lube, rub the salt around the outside of the stain. Then wash it in hot water and detergent. The stain should be completely gone by then. If there’s some remaining, try doing it again to get rid of the rest.

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