​Are there condoms for the well-endowed?

​Are there condoms for the well-endowed?

In every civilized country men have used the excuse to their potential lovers that they can’t wear a condom because they are all too tight, his circulation is cut off, he loses his erection or more often than not, the condom breaks. During sex. While he may be telling the truth it is no excuse not to have safe sex. But there is a way to ‘help’ him – and to determine if he is just a cheater.

Women can appreciate this analogy. One woman is hosting a party in her flat and she has gone out and purchased a pair of new designer jeans. They didn’t have her size so she bought a pair one size smaller. They were long enough – and she could lie on the bed so she could zip or button them. The evening of the affair arrives and she goes through all the gymnastics of getting the jeans on. She somehow gets up off the bed and stands in front of her mirror. She looks thin and hot! She goes into another room to sit down and feels like she is being cut in half. She can’t breathe! The waist is way too tight.

Oooh, why won't these fit?!

There is no way she can get through the evening in her new clothes. She immediately goes and changes into her older, more comfortable jeans.

To turn this back to the men, fifteen to twenty percent of all men need a larger condom. One size does not fit all. And in this case, size does matter! However, purchase the right size condom does not always depend on buying one that is longer. The length may be fine, but the girth is what is too tight. Like the lady’s jeans, the condom is long enough but it really puts a strain on the girth.

So what is the first step in making that new condom purchase? Measure yourself with a full erection! This may make you feel a bit awkward, but it is mandatory. You could make the exercise into a part of your foreplay. To be exact, you need the full length and the full girth (circumference). Most good manufacturers of branded condoms make selections for larger men. But each company has its own measuring methods. You can purchase one that says it’s extra-large, but when you roll it on it is too tight. You need to pay attention to your needs and their standards.

How to find the best condom for you

Below is a list of some 3 of the most popular selling large condoms on the market. The first group have testimonials from verified buyers. This may help in your decision. But it is important to remember that what is meaningful to one, may not be the same for others.

Our recommendation is to make your purchase on line. Even if you know your exact size, it is a hassle standing at a retail display trying to figure out which is the right fit. Choose several of your favorite websites. This is no black mark against Amazon, but they have pages and pages of Trojans and little else. Trojan is a wonderful brand that has been around forever. They manufacture condoms for the large man in all kinds of sensations. But do they meet your measurements? Are you looking for something different?

Many websites offer sample packets where you can purchase two each of four to six different brands. This is a wise choice for a new user. You are able to ‘test’ them by yourself and see if they fit your girth as well as your full shaft. You will be able to readily tell how well they roll on and what the sensations are. You do not want a trial by fire with a new lover. You want to appear more sophisticated and experienced.

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The List

My Size This is a condom made by a German manufacturer. They offer a variety of sizes for the larger man including 60mm, 64mm and 69mm. The My Size condom is specially proportioned for generously-endowed gentlemen and gives your erection extra room to move. It unrolls easily and wraps your penis without constricting the tip or pinching the base. It is transparent latex and lubricated with a reservoir end. Unrolling this condom is much easier than many others because less force is needed.

Width: 1.85" - 2.72" (47mm - 69 mm)Length: 6.3" - 8.78" (160 - 223 mm)

These are the best condoms in existence. My sex life has changed since I discovered this brand. You wouldn't buy shoes that are not of your correct size, would you? Same thing for condoms. The most important thing is that they fit, and MY.SIZE does the most logical thing by offering a whole range to fit almost every penis size. It's incomprehensible that other companies are not doing the same. These are the only condoms that are comfortable for a well-endowed guy. And in addition to their comfortable fit, the condom itself is also of a very good quality. They are thin enough but also feel very safe. I would buy these condoms even if I was using the normal size. Lastly, I like the design of the package. It just says MY.SIZE, and 69 on the back. If a girl is interested she'll look it up and realize you're using the biggest condoms on the market (and hopefully you'll get a second date). I think those "XL" that mainstream brands sell are just tacky, and only an attempt to sell to guys looking for an ego boost. MY.SIZE 69 is for men who *truly* need a bigger condom.

Trojan Magnum XL

Great Name

Naturally Trojan makes the list. Many men began their sex lives with this brand and because Trojan keeps up with the needs and wants of its customers, they fill most pigeon holes. This condom has a tapered base for a snugger, safer fit. They are 30% wider than average condoms.

Width: 2.2"/56mmHead width: 2.56"/65mmLength: 8.07"/205mm

This has been by far the best condom I have ever used. Finally one for the BIG guys! And it stays on when pulling out. Girth and length are perfect - coupled with a mens leather harness, you couldn't get BETTER.

I ordered a bulk load of these and to be entirely honest I cannot possibly imagine anything else I could order online giving me greater happiness. It's a reminder that I'm a lucky man who requires XL condoms who's also getting laid. It's like a box full of bragging rights.

My Size 64mm Condoms

If the super jumbo My Size 69mm happens to be a bit too large, you might want to try this 64mm version. My Size 64mm are the second-largest condoms in the world. All My Size condoms are transparent latex, lubricated with a reservoir end. They offer plenty of sensation and users say that be wearing a condom that fits allows them to feel more natural warmth from their partners.

Length: 223mm

Width: 64mm

The US needs to expand their view on sizes. My significant other struggled even with Magnum XL, it was so refreshing for him to use the 64mm My Size, he finally didn't feel "strangled"...that increased his satisfaction, which in turn increased MY!!!

Trojan Magnum

This selection is not quite as large as the XL. If this one fits you, it is available in different sensations like thin, fire and ice and a bevy of others. This condom has a girth of 54mm. These are larger than standard latex condoms for extra comfort and are tapered at the base for a secure fit. You will enjoy the silky smooth water-based lubricant for comfort and sensitivity and the special reservoir end for extra safety.

Width: 2.13"/54mmHead width: 2.36"/60mmLength: 8.07"/205mm

I've found this to be a really reliable and well-fitting condom for years, now, and it's the one I always come back to when I need a condom that's both safe and great feeling (they're also very durable - watching Wild Compilations with the other half these things can really go through some wear and tear!)

Trojan Magnum Thin Condoms

Spartan warrior runs through the desert

This condomis a sheer 0.06mm in thickness but can give the security and safety of thicker latex. It is the thinnest Magnum available. The company maintains quality standards and continues to develop new products to enhance the male sexual experience while never turning away from the very good basic condoms that have made them the giant in the industry today.

Length: 205mm

Width: 54mm

Great buy! After trying a different brand in a standard size with my partner it was apparent we needed something a bit larger. These were perfect for his girth and his length and we will now be sticking to buying these particular condoms

Pasante King Size

Gold crown

This is a fine UK brand that can be found on several US sites. It is also available in a Pasante Super King which has a girth of 69mm.

Width: 2.36" (60 mm)Length: 7.9" (200 mm)

This condom is the first rubber I can put on with ease. I'm not that long, but I'm big around - 6.5 inches circumference. Regular condoms are just impossible, but I used Magnums as soon as they came onto the market. I thought they were ok, but Pasante King is much better. They go on easier, and feel great. It's a smooth unroll, stays on, and the sex feels good. I have used these with a variety of partners, for both vaginal and anal sex. I've received no negative comments from any of the women who have been on the receiving end.

LifeStyles Skyn Large Non-Latex Condoms

If you thought large size condoms were only available in latex, you’re in for a great surprise. These are made from a material called Polyisoprene which combines the strength of high quality latex with the ultra-sensitivity of ultra-thing premium condom. The Polyisoprene stretch easily and conform to your shape. They are free from all allergens.

These are the best condoms! They are easy to unwrap, easy to put on, and they don't get tight or uncomfortable like other brands we've tried. And best of all: you can still feel everything! This is the only brand I will use from now on.

Durex Comfort XL Condoms

Durex is the world's leading brand of condoms and has been in business for over 75 years. This condom is flared at the head for greater stimulation, longer, and larger at the base than regular condoms. Lubricated with a gentle, non-spermicidal lubricant, they are transparent with a reservoir end.

Length: 215mm

Width: 56mm

These are a good fit and aren't too thick (compared to extra safe) so make for good natural sensation. I'll be back for more!

Trojan Magnum Ecstasy Condoms

girl having fun

Textured for abundant stimulation for both partners, the comfort shape allows freedom of movement for a more natural experience. While it is tapered at the base for a more secure fit, the head of the condom is large and rounded which provides the sensation of wearing no condom at all.

Length: 205mm

Width: 54mm

Best we have ever used, great for both her and him. Long lasting lube and loads of room for larger member. Give these a try both will be well impressed!!!

Mates Skyn Large Condoms

Here is another choice for those with latex sensitivities. Skyn condoms are made from Polyisoprene, a scientifically formulated new non latex material that provides a softer, more natural feel and are clinically proven to enhance sensation. Long lasting, ultra-smooth lubricant enhances your experience.

Length: 195mm

Width: 56mm

Polyisoprene (Latex Free)

Great Condom, Feels silky smooth and is thin. Was very easy to put on and both me & my partner have found this the best condom that we have used so far.

Pasante Super King Condoms

This Pasante version is super wide and super long for total comfort.

Length: 200mm

Width: 69mm

Great Condom. I've been trying for 8 years to find a condom that suits, fits and that doesn't take the feeling away, and I finally found it. This condom is the perfect one for me. Thank You for Making Pasante Super King!!!

Condomi XXL Condoms

The Condomi XXL Condom is designed for the man who is a little above average. Longer than normal, they are approximately 7.8 inches (200mm). The generous 54 mm width gives added room for girth. And just because they are sized larger does not mean that sensitivity and pleasure were sacrificed. These condoms are a sheer 0.06 thick.

Length: 200mm

Width: 54mm

I find most average condoms too restrictive, which put me off using them. These are so much more comfortable and are a good price too when compared to shops or any other websites I’ve used.

Durex XXL

Durex is the largest condom manufacturer in the world – yes, even larger than Trojan. They could not achieve this rank with inferior products. This selection is definitely larger than the standard Durex condom.

Nominal width: 2.24"/57mmLength: 8.46"/215mm

Being on the slightly larger size, couldn't find any comfortable ones at fit the girth, but one I found these, I was sold, fit perfectly on a larger girth, plenty of length to make sure it's on as much as you need, definitely recommend to a guy needed a larger condom.

Additional Choices

Beyond Seven (Okamoto) Mega Big Boy

Okamoto is a renowned Japanese condom maker and this new condom has a shaft measuring 57-59mm and a flared head measuring at 75mm. These are made from the company’s proprietary material called Sheerlon. It is extremely thin, plus is it wider and has more girth than standard condoms. It also has no latex odor. Do not be concerned about the thinness because these condoms have met all government safety requirements.

Thickness: 0.065 mmNominal Width: 2.24" /57mmHead Width: 2.83" /72 mmLength: 7.87"/200mm

Glyde Maxi

Wooden crate filled with fresh organic vegetables

Even vegans can be well-endowed and that’s why Glyde manufactures this condom. This condom is 100% vegan approved.

Width 2.25"/56mmLength 8.1"/205mm

You have some excellent choices here and some websites will have additional offerings. Be extra-careful with the dimensions. Know the site from which you are purchasing so there is no doubt these are from the actual manufacturers and not pirated condoms. For those who have been missing the boat, your ships about to sail!

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