Condom Excuses and Why They Don’t Make Sense

Condom Excuses and Why They Don’t Make Sense

Gone are the days when there were only 2 or 3 condom brands on the market and these days, there are numerous condom types. Companies have specifically designed various types, in order to suit various people, with there now being something for everyone and every occasion.

And yet, much to our amazement, some people still try to avoid using condoms in their sex lives.

As the only form of protection that will protect against both STI’s and unwanted pregnancies, condoms should be a standard part of anybody’s sex life. And with their increasing availability, they are no longer a subject of stigmatisation.

Whether you’re a male or female, we believe that carrying a pack of condoms only sends out a positive message and gives the appearance of being someone who cares about their own and the other person’s body.

In a world that now puts huge emphasis on self-love and self-care, sexual health should be an essential and valued aspect of this. But sometimes it can feel like it’s not.

And yet, despite this, men can often persist against using a condom in sex and can be very creative in coming up with excuses for why they can’t use one.

In this blog post, we are going to consider some of the most common reasons that are given for not using a condom and why they will never wash with us.

I don’t have any

 Ok, so maybe this isn’t actually an excuse but don’t put yourself in this kind of position. Instead, be proactive and always have a few condoms tucked into the back pocket of your purse or wallet. We’re pretty sure that’s now what that back pocket is for anyway, so there is no excuse not to carry any.

If you do happen to have forgotten and you find yourself in need of some condoms on a night out, make sure that you get some before you go to someone else’s place

If you do find yourself in a spontaneous pickle with no access to any kind condoms, don’t even think about risking it. It’s not worth putting your health in danger.

They take away the pleasure 

This is one of the lamest excuses that we have become accustomed to hearing and to be honest most of the time it’s not true. There are hundreds of different condom types on the market and many of these have been designed to increase the pleasure of the user. So, if this is your excuse, just invest in a different condom.

There are ribbed, dotted, warming and various other options, so just spend some time looking for the one’s that best suit you.


I don’t have anything 

Great, good for you but you don’t know about the other person. And you might not even know about yourself especially if you haven’t had a sexual health check in the recent past.

Some STI’s have obvious symptoms but others don’t and so you could easily have one without knowing.

But, what’s more, you just don’t know what the other person has and that is not a risk worth taking.


I don’t like them

Personally, we don’t like doing our taxes, but we still have to do them. Do you think that HMRC would be happy if we called them up and advised them that actually, we were going to give it a miss this time because we just didn’t feel like doing them?

Of course, they wouldn’t be happy. And this is not a good enough excuse to not use one.

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Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

I'm Stuart, senior Editor at British Condoms. I am an expert in all areas of sexual health and have a passion to drive knowledge to youth in the UK. Any questions for me or media enquiries, please feel free to tweet me @britishcondoms. Always open to engagement.

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