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When does Size Really Matter?

You read article after article about when it comes to sex size doesn’t matter. Was that idea trust into modern sexology by psychologists or women on the receiving end? Do larger men believe it was begun by men who were on the smaller end of the spectrum to make themselves feel better? If you believe the articles in the women’s magazines they really do believe size does not matter. So what’s the big deal about size?

When all the facts and figures come in it is really men who are more concerned about penis size. It’s like women and their breasts. They believe the bigger the breast the sexier they are. For sure it is nice to look at a pair of grandiose Godzillas, but most men will tell you they are perfect happy with the size of their wives. And wives will say the same about their men.

Somewhere, somehow men bought into the belief that a bigger penis made them more macho. Then there are those that believe they are below average when in fact they are within the ‘normal’ guidelines. Physicians, scientists and even anthropologists have weighed in on the subject. One study says that the average erection is six inches and anywhere between five and seven inches is normal. Remember, this is for an erection.


This is just the length. You have to consider the girth – or circumference. The average man is four and a half to five inches. These numbers are for the average American male. Some ethnicities may run smaller, some larger. But when it comes to buying condoms, if a man fits between the length and width guidelines he can purchase a standard condom and expect it to fit properly. And here’s where the ‘fun’ comes in.

Each condom maker has its own average standards

It goes without saying that sex can only be as satisfying as the fit of the condom. If it doesn’t fit properly, both parties will suffer. A worldly man wants to give his partner the best experience possible. But if his condom is continually breaking, splitting or slipping off he may have his mind on the consequences rather than the pleasure. Having a condom that fits properly can make all the difference between an average or poor encounter to an earth-shattering one.

  • 1.As you may or may not know, each condom manufacturer has a whole host of condoms they offer. Before you can make the final decision on which is the right size for you, you must determine the benefits you want. Can you use a latex condom or do you need a synthetic. Each synthetic condom has its own sizing chart. Do you want a condom that offers sensations like ribs, dots or nubs? Do you want a condom that only needs to protect against pregnancy and not disease? Are you searching for a condom that will help delay your climax? Are you into colors or do you want a transparent condom? Do you appreciate a reservoir end or would you prefer a more anatomically correct fit?

There is no way you can purchase the right size condom if you do not have the sensation and general use in mind. One condom with ridges that says it fits the average man may not fit you at all. And just because you have successfully used one brand of condom for ‘everyday’ use and it fits well, when you opt for some of the add-ons the new style may not fit at all.

Your choices for material include latex – which is the material of the majority of condom sales. They are relatively inexpensive and if used as described are up to 97% effective when used on every occasion.

Lambskin condoms are an excellent choice for couples with latex allergies or sensitivities. They are the most expensive condom made because they are made from real animal parts. The good news is that users say they are remarkably comfortable and natural feeling. The bad news is that they do not protect against STADs and HIV. So they are not appropriate for casual sex.


Polyurethane is a synthetic material for those with latex sensitivities. They have the capacity to heat up to the actual body temperature so for many men this is a great sensation. Women have the same comments. Do expect to pay more for polyurethane.

Another semi-synthetic material is called Polyisoprene. They are made from a synthetic latex material which is just as strong and durable as the real thing but does not contain the proteins that cause allergic reactions. They are thicker than their latex and polyurethane cousins but are more form-fitting. What makes them remarkable is that even if they are a bit thicker, they are extraordinarily soft to the touch.

  • 2.So now you have one element out of the way. Have you decided on your sensation? Do you want a plain, standard condom you can keep around for when you get lucky or have regular sex with your partner?

If you are a novice to new sensations, find an online retailer that may sell ‘trial’ packs that have several different textures for you to try and see which one (or ones) rings your chimes. For those who are having sex for the first time with a new partner, it is better to wait and see how it goes before bringing in extra help. Your new partner may not have the same ‘taste’ as you.

  • 3.Now you have the lube question. Condoms come in lubed and non-lubed. Some are lubed with a spermicide; however there are women who have sensitivities to these. When you made up your mind about the material you wanted, you should have learned what kind of lubes can be used. Latex condoms can never be used with an oil-based lube. Water and silicone-based lubes work with all condoms. And you should not use any oil-based lube with lambskin. You can use oil-based lubes with polyurethane condoms.

One reason that non-lubed condoms are purchased is because the users have a favorite lube that they prefer which makes their experience more enjoyable.

  • 4.Now that you know what material, sensation and lube you want, it’s time to bring out the old measuring tape. Yes, you must measure your erection. If you live alone this may not be a problem. If you live with others, be sure the door is locked. It is hard (no pun intended) to explain why you are holding your erection in one hand and a measuring tape in the other. It is best to be done in privacy. However, if you live with your partner you could make it part of foreplay and it could be fun.

Below is a reprint of an online general guide:

Apple With Measuring Tape


Small Condoms
Fits Length: 3 Inches - 6.5 Inches
Fits Girth: 4.1 Inches - 4.7 Inches
Examples: Any condom represented as small or snug.

Regular Condoms
Fits Length: 4 Inches - 7 Inches
Fits Girth: 4.4 Inches - 5 Inches
Examples: Any condom that does not specify a size.

Large Condoms
Fits Length: 4 Inches - 8 Inches
Fits Girth: 4.7 Inches - 5.3 Inches
Examples: Any condom represented as large or magnum.

X-Large Condoms
Fits Length: 4 Inches - 9 Inches
Fits Girth: 4.9 Inches - 5.6 Inches
Examples: Any condom represented as extra-large or XL.

(Due to FDA regulations condoms sold in the USA must be between 47mm and 57mm in flat width at the entrance. Therefore condoms that are correctly sized for individuals with a girth under 4.1 inches or over 5.6 inches are not available in the USA.) You may be able to find alternative size from retailers from outside the U.S. who sell on-line.

Condom packages in Europe are required to be clearly labeled with the condom length and width. Start by selecting the correct width then ensure the length is sufficient as well. To get the correct condom width just multiply your circumference by 0.42 and look for a condom that is +/- 2mm in width from the result.

This all sounds pretty easy to find the right condom size, but there is more to it. You can wear a size 10 shoe and your spouse buys you a new pair and all of a sudden a 10 is too short. You must pay attention to the sizing that the manufacturer publishes.

Some statistics will blow your mind. Those flying under the ‘regular size’ condom are often too embarrassed to shop around for a condom that will stick to a smaller size. According to SIECUS, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, condoms fall off during sex up to 5.4 percent of the time, or slip down the penis without falling off up to 13.1 percent of the time. Why? The reason is the condom is too large. The Indian Council of Medical Research found that up to 20 percent of condoms fail to work properly because they’re just not the right size. This includes too large and too small.

If you go up on Google in the U.S. and search the term ‘condom comes off’ you will get over 1.4 million results. If you want to find out how many people have searched ‘condom too big’ you will see close to four million results. For all those guys who feel they do not measure up, get on Googler and search for ‘condom too small’ and you will see just a little over one million hits.

What this means is that you really do need to know your exact size and research the size charts from the individual manufacturers. Buying condoms is not like buying those size 10 shoes. If they do not fit, they cannot be returned.

Ego plays a big part in research and development. One marketer said that while the sale of larger condoms only makes up 15%-20% of sales, there are at least 30 different brand offerings for the larger man. She also said there are less than 10 brands in the U.S. that actually have condoms that will fit a smaller man.

Traditional Manufacturers

Lifestyles Condoms have selections ranging from small to large. The smallest, Lifestyles Snugger Fit (notice it doesn’t have the word small in the name) has a snug fit and anatomical shape. The actual dimensions are: Width: 1.92" (49mm) Length: 7.08" (180mm) Thickness: 0.07mm. The largest offering is the Lifestyles KYNG which has a flared shape with more headroom. It measures: Base width: 2.2" (56mm) Length: 8" (203mm).

Red Condoms, Contraception


Nearly every man and woman has heard of Trojan. Its name has been synonymous with condoms for over 90 years. The smallest condom is the Enz line which comes lubed and non-lubed as well as lubed with a spermicide. It measures Width: 2" (50.8mm) Length: 7.86 " (200mm). The Trojan Magnum XL is the largest in the line with so many offerings between the two. The Magnum XL is Base width: 2.2" (56mm) Head width: 2.56" (65mm) Length: 8.07" (205mm).

Kimono is another manufacturer with a superior reputation. They claim their Micro Thin® condoms are America’s thinnest. The Kimono Micro Thin plus Aqua Lube is 7.52” in length and 4.05” in girth. However, the regular Kimono Thin is a nano-second smaller with a length of 7.48” and a wider girth of 4.10”.

One the large and extra-large end they have the Kimono MicroThin Large which has a length of 7.60” and a 4.68” head width and 4.17 body width.

The birth of the custom condom

With all the textures, colors, lubes and flavors smart condom makers are now getting into custom sizing. Each manufacturer has its own sizing chart and some offer their own measuring instruments. One of those custom condom makers is My.Size. All My Size condoms are transparent, lubricated latex with a reservoir tip. They offer seven different sizes. The smallest is the 47 which has a circumference of 9.5-10.0cm. The largest is the number 69 which has a circumference of 14.0-15.0cm. The length of the condom rises as the circumference expands.

TheyFit is another custom company that boasts 95 different sizes and has a very elaborate sizing chart. TheyFit says its condoms are pre-lubricated, colourless and odourless, and meet the strict safety requirements of the CE mark.The final word is that there IS a condom being offered that will fit your particular length and girth. You may have to find a calculator that will convert mm to inches and vice versa, but that can be done online. Once you find the exact fit, you can then venture into the land of textures, colours, lubes and so much more for your sexual pleasure. 

11th Nov 2016

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