​Main reasons why a condom breaks

​Main reasons why a condom breaks

For those who have not paid attention to reminders, if you use a condom the proper way each and every time you have sex, they are 98% effective protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexual disease. To break this down into numbers that may be easier to understand, out of 100 couples who use a condoms every time they have sex, a total of two will experience a problem.

There is also a harsh truth to be told. Sometimes the truth hurts. There have been numerous studies regarding the quality of condoms that have been manufactured based on the tests and requirements of the country in which they are used. The end result is that there are only 0.4% of condoms that break during intercourse. This is just four for every 1,000 used. The bottom line here is that if you are having frequent condom breaks, most likely it is not the condom that should bear the responsibility – but you!

Some men who have had frequent condom breaks think – what the hell, it’s going to break anyway – why wear one? Before you act really irresponsible, read on as to what you could be doing wrong. If you’re just using it as an excuse to ride bareback, get over it.

You must wear the correct size

Can you imagine walking into a men’s haberdashery and walking up to racks of casual and dress slacks to discover they all have the same waist size and leg length? Men come in all sizes, shapes, weights, heights and more. There is no retailer in its right mind that would have a sign that says that one size fits all. Even kilts come in different sizes and length. Some women would find it a real treat to see a man performing a solo Highland Fling in a mini-kilt? It might put the Chippendales to shame.

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This is a time when size does matter. The average condom is made for the average man. This means that the length will generally be four to seven inches for an erection. If the condom falls short, this is a problem. Also, if it feels too loose or too tight, this is also an indication that it just does not fit. Does this mean that your man needs to move up to a large size or down to a trim size? It might just mean that he has to find a different brand that has different sizing structures.

If you find yourself in this category, the best thing for you to do is go on line and look at the different brands of certified condoms. Before you do this, it is important to know your exact size. Measurements should only be made on a fully erect penis. You need to measure length as well as girth. If you find it troubling to measure yourself, make it part of foreplay with your partner and allow the individual to measure you.

You know your exact measurement. Look at the different brands and see what they say are their standard dimensions. Some online retailers may sell trial packs of different condoms within that brand. Give it a try. You may want to ‘try the on’ during solo sex to discover which one is the best for you. Performing this simple exercise will be very rewarding. This goes for the men who are more generously endowed as well as the ones who may be on the trimmer side.

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Are you discovering that there is leakage from the bottom of your condom? This means that your condom is too big. It is estimated that 35% of men need smaller condoms. Your measurement can confirm that you need a smaller size and, again, trial packs may be the way for you to discover the right size for you.

Have you checked the expiration date?

Just like milk, cheese and bread, condoms do have an expiration date. Is this a surprise to you? If you are a mover and shaker and purchase supplies every month, this may not apply to you. But for those men who purchase a box to keep in their Hope Chest for ‘just in case’ it is a smart move to check the date.

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Generally condoms have a shelf life of four to five years, depending on how they are stored. But even the most active man who purchases a new box of condoms needs to check the expiration date. If purchased at a retailer you can check the date prior to buying. If an on line retailer has shipped you a pack that has expired, contact their customer service department immediately to have a fresh pack sent to you.

If a condom is used after the expiration date, all bets are off. The material could have degraded, the lube totally dry, and various other defects could cause breakage.

Also, a word to the wise. If you are buying a condom out of a machine, this is one of the best places to find an expired condom. Check it carefully.

You are asking for the balloon to burst

Old, young or in between, males who received any kind of sex education in school, and did not attend Catholic schools, learned about condoms and how to wear them by practicing on a banana. While this gave you some understanding of the function, it did not teach you any finesse.

It is important when rolling on a condom to pinch the end while rolling the rest of the condom all the way down. By pinching the end you leave room for your ejaculation. Some men are like geysers while other men are like small tributaries. If you have not left room for your swimmers, a very robust ejaculation can send them out the end of the condom and let them dive into their favorite swimming pool. 

A pin being used to pop a green balloon

We all know that sometimes lust hits fast. You may be in the throes of excitement and you are just lucky enough to remember your condom. It’s an old proverb, but it rings true: haste makes waste. Take a deep breath and calm yourself down enough to don your condom correctly. Do not allow your balloon to break. Bonus recommendation, utilising a liberator wedge ramp can add to throes of excitement by getting the just the right position (trust us, they're well worth it)

Are you using enough lubrication?

When the orifice you are drilling becomes dry, several things happen. The event becomes extremely uncomfortable for your partner. If you have no consideration for the object of your present affection, think also of this fact. The more a condom is rubbed against dry surfaces, the more chance it has of breaking.

Most condoms are packaged pre-lubricated. Sometimes this is sufficient and other times it is not, especially if your vigor has lasted longer than average. In this case extra lube is needed. You might complain about carrying a bottle of lube around with you for these occasions. But that is not necessary. Most of the band name, good lubes are available in quantities of sachets or little packs that closely resemble a condom foil packet in size and shape. This makes it very convenient to carry one with you.

Another word about lube that can cause condom breakage. Never, ever use an oil based lube with a latex condom. It does cause the latex to degrade and break. Always ensure that the lube you choose says it is condom friendly.

You do not have to spend a week’s wage to purchase a good lube. The best way to decide which lube you prefer is to purchase one of the trial packs that are offered on Internet sites.

The tear may be in your tear

We have mentioned being in the heat of lust. You are smart, you remembered your condom. However, in your enthusiasm you tear into the foil packet with your teeth. This is a bad move. Many, many condoms are destroyed in this manner. Be gentle.

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Even if you have your partner have condom duty, a condom can rupture due to being pierced by fingernails, rings, piercings around the mouth area, and other sharp edges. Take your time and this will prevent breakage before you ever begin your encounter.

Where do you store your condoms?

‘Back in the day’ it seemed that all men kept a condom in their wallets. This is a fine place as long as it doesn’t remain there too long. Heat damages latex. It can make it dry and brittle. Actually, if you have kept your emergency condom in your wallet for some time and you remove it from the packet you can tell right away that it has been degraded.

When you store your regular supply of condoms, they need to be in a cool, dry place. Place them inside your bedside drawer rather than on top of the table if it comes in contact with direct sunlight. Do not store condoms in the glove box of your car. This is worse than your wallet.

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When you purchase your condoms beware of retailers who may have a display in their font windows where the condoms come in contact with direct sunlight. Also, if you ask to ‘borrow’ one from a friend, you may be borrowing trouble. You have no idea where it was stores and for how long.

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