5 Ways To Make Condoms More Pleasurable

5 Ways To Make Condoms More Pleasurable

Condoms have evolved over the millennia to be the ultra-thin, barely there things that are easily available everywhere and that the wearer barely notices. There are other options of course, including thicker condoms for those who don’t like to peak too soon, but the upper echelon of the condom market has found its focus on ensuring maximum pleasure.

That said, what if there are some ways to make them even MORE pleasurable? No-one is going to turn their face away at that! So, what are these innovative measures you might be wondering? Read on……

  • 1.Lube inside the condom. Try putting a few drops (only one or two or the condom might slip off) into the reservoir tip. Water-based lube is safest (less likely to cause an allergic reaction and won’t affect the condom material. Doing this will definitely enhance male pleasure because the lube will help with the transfer of sensation to the head of the penis. This is especially true when you use the type of condom with a large reservoir pouch at the end because it rolls around the head of the penis giving extra stimulation.
  • 2.Try a different texture. Thick, rubbery condoms are a relic of the past, there are now barely-there, ultra-thin options for the wearer. Condoms have long had a bad press about reducing pleasure – but not so any more; these days they are designed with both protection and pleasure in mind. This is achieved through a range of things: using good lubes, both inside and out, added dots and raised ridges for added sensation, manufacturing very thin condoms as well as ones that are designed to be looser at the tip so that the penis can move around more inside the condom for added sensation. There’s a whole range of condom options available on the market, and if you aren’t sure which one/s to go for then try out a multipack with different types to narrow down your favourites. Don’t forget the lube either!
  • 3.Simply put the condom on in a sexy way! You might think that there’s only one method of putting it on, but there you would be wrong. You can use your hands in a soft, slow way, drawing out the pleasure sensation as you roll it down the shaft, you can use your mouth (may need to practice this one!) or you can combine the two by using your hands with your mouth following. This makes the whole condom experience something exciting and to look forward to, as well as combining foreplay and safer sex play. Just be aware of any condom malfunctions along the way.
  • 4.Erasing bad condom memories. There are bad sex memories and then there are bad condom memories. Living in the past does no-one any favours and if you’ve been avoiding condoms since you had a bad experience in 2010 then you’ve definitely missed out on the condom advancements that have been made during the last decade. So it’s time to throw out the bad memories – and the old condoms at that – and time to explore what the condom market has to offer today. There are all kinds of condom options and experimenting with your partner is definitely something to get into the diary.
  • 5.Re-evaluate your pleasure mindset. The mind is a powerful tool that sometimes works in our favour – and sometimes not. If you have negative condom thoughts loitering at the back of your brain, no matter how small, they will probably come out and play just when you’re planning to enjoy yourself. Pleasure is something which has both physical and mental elements, so it’s important to make sure that your mind is as stress free and relaxed as it can be before you slip in between those sheets. Then you can set about making some great new condom memories……
Stuart Brown
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