Top 5 Weird Fetishes in the UK

Top 5 Weird Fetishes in the UK



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a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.

"a man with a fetish for surgical masks"

The world of sex is a crazy, beating metropolis of pretty much anything you can think of. You’ll find the tame, vanilla sex acts that almost everyone is au fait with – but then on the other side there are more boundary pushing, extreme ideas that not everyone will be aware of (or even approve of, so bear that in mind).

The human brain does funny things to us when it comes to sexual arousal. You have to remember that procreation is the number one point of our bodies; everything is geared around us sustaining the human species by fuelling sexual desire so that we mate with the opposite sex. And yes, there are far more LGBTQ+ sexual scenarios going on now where procreation isn’t the name of the game, it’s all about pleasure, but the same animal instinct drives that desire too. Our brains are hard-wired to seek out sexual companionship.

So, if we veer away from the ‘norm’ for a moment, what weird and wonderful fetishes are out there? Spoiler: some of these are seriously boundary testing – you have been warned.

  • 1.Plushies. For the uninitiated, a plushie is a soft, child’s toy, exactly the sort of thing that might be given as a birthday present for an under-five year old child. In fact, you’ve probably seen them lined up on a child’s bed at one point or other. Those who experience a sexual attraction to plushies use them for, well, the obvious really in terms of self-pleasure. And if they want to take it further, lots of plushie-aficionados actually dress up as these toys themselves, and there are even conventions where liked-minded people can meet up and indulge their passion.
  • 2.Golden showers (aka pee play). This one comes under the bracket of the more weird fetishes, but it’s actually surprisingly common. In a survey taken of 100 people under the age of the thirty, it was found that 42% of them had experimented with golden showers in the bedroom or had fantasised about it. It’s not for everyone, but if that floats your boat then go for it - you’re certainly not alone! Just remember the waterproof sheets or, alternatively, plenty of towels. Urine soaked mattresses are not a pleasant by-product of sexual interaction.
  • 3.Extreme sub-dom play. There are plenty of ways that you can work a little bit of domination into your sex life without pushing too many boundaries. You can find handcuffs and paddles on the high street and most people probably have a box under their bed with fluffy wrist ties and blindfolds. But those who are into the extreme sub-dom role play experiment with the darker side, the most twisted scenarios. A common one is a rape fantasy, where one partner consents to being ‘raped’, but this might consent might be well in advance of the actual situation. This one is boundary blurring because consent might not be ongoing – but for some this is just part of the sex.
  • 4.Zoophilia. The name kind of gives it away here, this is a fetish centred around sexual attraction to animals. But to get serious, it’s essential to understand that the term ‘zoophilia’ is not the same as ‘beastiality’. The latter is purely having a sexual attraction to animals, there are no emotions involved, it’s just about having sex with dogs, sheep or whatever, and it’s illegal in most countries. A zoophiliac on the other hand is someone who feels attraction to animals in both an emotional and usually sexual way. For these people, having a full on relationship with an animal is the end goal, exactly as they would with an actual human being. One man is even open enough, and comfortable enough, to detail his zoophilia activities in a mainstream documentary.
  • 5.Parent/child role play. This is a bit of a sticky one too, but it’s also very popular. People who are into this fetish are typically divided into a ‘baby’ role and then an adult one. The ‘baby’ will go as far as wearing -and using - actual nappies, dressing in babygros, using dummies and other toys and cease interacting as an adult. This one is hard to get your head around, but it’s definitely out there as one of the weirdest fetishes.

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