What Are The Signs of Sexual Frustration?

What Are The Signs of Sexual Frustration?

Once you’ve had sex or experienced an orgasm, suddenly not having either can impact people mentally, physically and emotionally. But how do you know when you’re experiencing sexual frustration? There are certain telltale signs that clue people in as to what is going on. Here’s a list of signs of sexual frustration.

Negatively Overreacting

There’s being upset, and then there’s overreacting. But did you know that this can occur because you haven’t had sex? Well, the lack of intercourse or orgasms can put people in notoriously bad moves. Therefore, if you’re acting very out of character, that might be a sign that you need to have some sex. It might be more than just a bad day – no matter what type of relationship you’re in.

Giving Up

When sex hasn’t happened in a while, people can fall into depressive episodes. They can also become manic. This can lead to a decrease in hygiene and grooming, as you firmly believe that there’s nothing you can do to get laid. You believe that you’ll never have sex again. When you feel like this, you are most likely feeling sexually frustrated. So, in order to alleviate these feelings, try toys or your hands. You’ll experience the rush that comes from orgasms and you can continue on with your life until you can have intercourse.

Living Vicariously

When you live your best life through your friends, there’s something wrong. You obviously aren’t getting enough action when everything you’re experiencing is through your pals. Living vicariously is a sure sign of sexual frustration, as you are trying your hardest to feel anything similar to what your friends are. This can get worse as well. Some people take a step further and actively encourage their friends to have sex, just so they can hear about what happened. In that case, you definitely need to have sex. And if your friends want to hear all the details of your latest escapade, then push them to go out and mingle. They might need it.


If you overreact to everything, then you’re probably sexually frustrated. You can no longer take jokes and your sense of humour has gone down the drain. This can lead to constant misunderstandings and in-fighting between friends. Not having sex can thicken your skin and make you increasingly irritable. Therefore, try a sensitive condom or give yourself some pleasure using sex toys. People will want to be around you again once that happens.

Jealous Rages

Similar to hypersensitivity, not having sex can lead to increased frustration and anger towards people. If your partner appears to be showing affection to others besides yourself, you can become jealous. People who weren’t a threat before are now the focal point of your jealousy. This can lead to disruptions in friendship and possibly the ending of relationships. In order to avoid this, it is best to talk to your partner about your feelings. Discuss the frequency, duration and quality of sexual intercourse. If you make your point clear and come to an understanding, your relationship and sex life should improve.

Substituting Food and Other Stimulants

If you strongly want sex but aren’t getting any, you might substitute that feeling with another positive one. Sexual urges can become increased eating and drinking. Anything that can provide you with the same feelings that sex did, you’ll try. But this is unhealthy. You might make yourself sick or become overweight. It is okay to desire sex, but making yourself sick will only make everything worse. Therefore, try masturbating. It will simulate having sex. And while it’s not as good as the real thing, it will burn some calories and prevent you from overeating or drinking.

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