How Effective Are Condoms?

How Effective Are Condoms?

As the only form of contraception that protects against both pregnancy and STD’s, condoms are undoubtedly one of the most consistently effective form of contraception. It is therefore advisable to use them for all manner of sexual activities, from oral to vaginal and anal sex.

But just how effective are condoms?

Generally speaking, if condoms are used correctly, every single time, they have a 98% chance of preventing pregnancy. But, as with most things in life, people are not perfect and so there are always things that could go possibly go wrong. As a result, in real-life, condoms are roughly 85% effective.

In context, this means that out of 100 people, 15 people who used a condom will find themselves falling pregnant. Of course, this statistic is of people who are only using condoms as their protection and does not include people who are using any other form of contraception as well.

But despite there still being a chance of pregnancy, even when a condom is used correctly, there are other things that can be done to safeguard from an accidental pregnancy happening.

In this blog post, we are going to offer some suggestions on how you can keep those odds as low as possible.

Buy the right condoms

The best form of offense is a good defence and that rule definitely applies to condoms. If you want to truly ensure that your condoms are as effective as they possibly can be, make sure that you take the time to choose the right type, size and brand for you. Check, double check and triple check every single aspect, making sure that you avoid any problems beforehand.

What’s more, you should also ensure that you check the date of the condoms that you plan to use because whilst they do last a long time, they can still expire. An expired condom is a disaster waiting to happen, so make sure that you check first.

Get good at putting it on correctly

This is something that gets easier the more often that it’s done but knowing how to correctly use a condom will help you avoid any future issues. Remember to ensure that you have it the right way and also that you remove it carefully afterwards. For added security, make sure that you use the condom at all points and don’t let it come off half way through.

Use a second form of contraception

Whilst condoms are the only form of protection that can help to prevent the spread of STDs, there are plenty of forms of contraceptives out there. We suggest that where possible, you use a condom in conjunction with another form of protection, as this is going to help protect you on more than one front.

Do not use more than one

Now, when we say that you should use more than one type of contraception, it’s important to point out that we mean more than one type of contraception. And under no circumstances does this ever mean using more than one condom.

Using more than one can actually increase the risk of something going wrong, as it can increase the chances of it ripping or tearing. 

Despite there still being a small chance of unwanted pregnancy, even with a condom being used, condoms are the most reliable and encompassing form of protection. It’s always better to use one and not just rely on other forms of contraception. At the end of the day, a condom will decrease your chances of falling pregnant and massively protect you against any STD’s.

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Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

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