Do the benefits of condoms outweigh the disadvantages?

Do the benefits of condoms outweigh the disadvantages?

Everyone knows that condoms can protect against STIs and unwanted pregnancies but they still don’t seem to be that popular. You would think that avoiding pregnancy and an STI is a strong enough case enough in favour of the condom but it seems not. So are there other benefits which might just be a bit more interesting and user-friendly that could encourage people to use condoms? Well, yes there are.

  • Condoms don’t cost a lot
  • They are easy to buy either online or from just about any supermarket or chemist or fuel station
  • You don’t need a prescription or even ID to buy them and you don’t have to be over 18 to buy condoms
  • They are small and discreet and easily portable
  • Condoms can be used for all kinds of sex – oral, anal and vaginal
  • Condoms can offer added pregnancy protection alongside other forms of birth control like the contraceptive pill – some women feel more comfortable with this as no one method is 100% safe
  • Condoms can be sexy and make sex better
  • Condoms can delay ejaculation due to the slight numbing effect which some men dislike but which can help others who just can’t keep control
  • Condoms have no side effects unlike other forms of birth control such as the contraceptive pill. Very rarely, some people suffer from a sensitivity to latex but they are usually aware of this - latex gloves are often when people discover this – and condoms don’t have to be made of latex, there are soft plastic options available like polyurethane, polyisoprene and nitrile

Condoms are a hit in the pleasure stakes

Condom manufacturers are always looking for different ways to make condoms more exciting and innovative; anything that increases pleasure and enjoyment will increase usage. Different textures like studs and ribbing are designed to enhance stimulation and different thicknesses and also flavoured condoms give you a range of options which other prophylactics can’t compete with.

And, condoms can be used in a sexy way in foreplay especially if your partner puts it on you.

What are the disadvantages of condoms?

You do need to learn to use them properly and be prepared to take your time to put them on correctly every time you have sex. That means being disciplined enough to stop and put one on early enough – before any skin to skin genital contact – and that also means keeping an eye on how they are behaving during intercourse and taking them off properly and carefully afterwards to avoid any spillage. For some people, that is just too much hassle and distraction but if you don’t stick to this protocol then condoms are not likely to work well. Other drawbacks with condoms include:-

  • Some men describe them as passion killers, it’s not just stopping to put one on which can kill the mood (although it really doesn’t have to) but it is the loss of sensation which some guys complain about
  • You need to be organised and always have one available which has been correctly stored and is within its sell-by date

Most of the stated disadvantages of condoms can easily be managed, improved or eliminated with a little time and effort.

  • Get organised with a ready supply of quality condoms which are in date
  • Experiment until you find a condom which feels really good
  • Become a dab hand at putting one on, make an art form out of it
  • Involve condom wearing in your foreplay so that it is something you and your partner look forward to and actively enjoy
  • Use lube to help make the condom feel even nicer and protect against ripping and tearing – again lube can be involved in foreplay and sexual play to increase enjoyment and pleasure
  • Make sure you buy a reputable brand and in the correct size
  • Have a range of flavours and textures to make condom choice interesting and exciting

Of course, the best part of using a condom is the bit you can’t feel and that is the knowledge that you are protecting both you and your partner from STIs and in some cases, unwanted pregnancies as well. But that might just be enough to give you a warm cosy glow.

Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

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