Sexual Savings

Sexual Savings

We all need to make money, but life changed drastically for most of us when the pandemic hit and the sources of income that people were dependent on simply weren’t there any more. Yes, yes, yes, we’re all talked out about it now and it’s boring to dwell upon, but the fact is that a huge amount of the consequences came down to how people could keep earning. 

Shops were shut so retail was pretty much out, likewise with the hospitality industry, you can’t work in something that effectively no longer exists. Offices were shut and hours reduced, household income dropped to below the poverty line for most people and just borderline existing became an issue. And that’s not counting the number of young adults who were looking for the traditional part-time jobs to keep them afloat while they studied at school or Uni. As a consequence of these circumstances, making money online seemed to be the perfect solution. You can do it from home, it’s flexible, and there are plenty of ways that it can be done. 

You can stick to the run-of-the-mill things, like setting up at Etsy shop selling slightly wonky homemade candles for £1, or filling in online surveys, or teaching English as a foreign language remotely if you have the right qualifications. But if there’s a real plethora of ways to earn good money online, why would you stick to the mundane? Why would you not want to earn the maximum amount of cash that you can? There’s a simple answer here, in that a lot of people won’t want to turn their hand to the slightly darker side of generating an income, instead preferring to work for a pittance turning out jars of sweets with a bit of ribbon tied around the top that you can buy for significantly less in One Stop. 

That’s not to say that working like that is a bad idea, it’s just that for the more broad-minded person, there are other options out there…..A bit naughty - but also a lot more exciting! So if you’re a sexually confident and open person who doesn’t necessarily mind baring all on the internet, then the digital sex industry might be the one for you. If you’re wondering about earnings, they vary wildly. Some content creators and online sex workers can earn an impressive amount of money, with some reporting upwards of £2,000 per month. You don’t need to look a certain way, lots of people assume that you need a Love Island figure to succeed, but it’s not the case. 

Attractions vary wildly and there’s a market for all shapes, sizes and body types – it’s just a question of finding the right niche for you. It’s predominantly women who do this sort of work, but there are men out there, plus plenty of trans and non-binary people as well. So, how do you tap into this potentially lucrative market?

  • 1.Selling nude photos online. Do you love your body and a get a kick out of revealing it? Does being naked in front of others give you a buzz? It might seem surprising considering that the internet is awash with naked photos of all types and persuasions, but some people want a little more than anonymous people doing generic stuff, they want to feel like it was created especially for them. They want to build a connection with a particular person and be able to request what they want to see. They might even build a closer relationship and decide that they want to support this particular person in trying to make a living online.
  • 2.Selling photos of your feet. This is the lighter end of kinky. A foot fetish is actually one of the most common fetishes out there. Why would someone want to pay to see pictures of your feet, you might wonder?! Because they find it highly erotic, that’s why. In the vast majority of cases, it won’t be just a plain old photo of your foot, clients like to see different things: showing off your feet for example, holding them high with pointed toes and immaculate nail polish. Photos of feet usually go for between £5-20, depending on what you’re happy to do with your feet. You can use any adult content selling site, but the more specific ones are usually better, like InstaFeet, which is a content selling site for exactly this fetish. You can also use social media channels, but you have to be super careful because lots do not permit adult content and you’ll end up getting banned, which is bad news if you’re building up a nice client base and cuts off this stream of income. And it goes without saying that you’ll need to be scrupulous about taking care of your feet (unless you have someone who – ahem - likes them being dirty).
  • 3.A sex toy review site. This one might leap out at you, especially if you’re a real sex toy fan and have dozens of the things buried at the back of your wardrobe (favourite ones in the bedside drawer, naturally, alongside condoms). If you’re a strong writer, then this could be a good one to aim for. Writing content about sex toys doesn’t seem that tough, right? Well, it isn’t, the tough bit is making money out of doing it. There are literally thousands of blogs out there so you’ll definitely need a USP (unique selling point).

There are tonnes of - slightly naughty - ways to make money out there - but it definitely isn’t easy money, so think hard before you decide on one.

Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

I'm Stuart, senior Editor at British Condoms. I am an expert in all areas of sexual health and have a passion to drive knowledge to youth in the UK. Any questions for me or media enquiries, please feel free to tweet me @britishcondoms. Always open to engagement.

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