Tips to Achieve Female Orgasms

Tips to Achieve Female Orgasms

A lot of information on the internet is on male orgasms. There are tips and ideas on how to achieve it and prolong it. But a lot of people forget about female orgasms. Women want to have a good time just as much as men, but it can be somewhat difficult to reach if you are unprepared. Here are some tips and hints for females to achieve orgasms.

Anticipate the Act

Being prepared for sex well before the act can help with reaching an orgasm. If you are a morning person, try to fall asleep while thinking sexy thoughts. On the other hand, if you like night time touching, try to use daydreams to increase the amount of anticipation during the day. The more time you take to prepare and anticipate sexual acts, the more likely you will reach an orgasm. Psychologically, by thinking about sex and activities, you will prepare your body and mind for the eventual pleasure.

Get Toys Involved

Toys can go a long way in reaching orgasms. It does not matter if you are on your own or have a partner to experience sex with, using a toy can rank the pleasure up to 11. Depending on how experienced you are with toys, you may want to choose ones that are the easiest to use. If you are just starting out with self-satisfaction, a clitoral vibrator or massager will do wonders for your joy. And if you are having some sexual frustration, a regular vibrator can easily do the job. You can also experiment no matter what level of experience you have. Look at shapes, positions and settings to see what works for you. Each toy will bring different sensations and simulations, so be sure to try a bunch until you find the toy that is perfect for you.

Speak Your Mind

If you are having sex, both partners deserve to be pleasured. That means you need to be upfront with your likes and dislikes. Unless you tell your partner what you want, they will not know what to do to give you an orgasm. Communication is key so both partners came come out of sex happy and fulfilled. Talking and being open will go a long way to causing an orgasm. And remember, if you want specific actions done, expect your partner to want that as well. Sex is a two-way street, after all.

Relax and Unwind

Being stressed can easily destroy pleasure. If you are anxious or have high levels of stress, it will be harder for you to reach an orgasm. In order to combat that, you need to relax and unwind. Whatever you like that helps you calm down, do it. This can range from taking a bath or finding a quiet place to breathe and rest. This is a very important step in sex, but it is one that many people forget about. You need to be relaxed before you can be happy. And once you are happy, you can reach your orgasms quicker.

Stretching and Exercise

Similar to relaxing, it is important to stretch and exercise before having sex. Sex is just another activity that requires muscles and strength. If you are not limbered up, this can impact sexual activity and then no one is happy. Doing some exercising will loosen you up and prepare you for the act. You will be able to keep up with your partner and make the night last a little longer. And your ability to reach an orgasm will increase as well. Taking the time to stretch can be a life saver.

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