How to put on a Condom

How to put on a Condom

Our Guide to Putting on a Condom

So, you have purchased your condom, checked that they are the right ones and now you just need to ensure that it is used correctly. And that is where you hit your first stumbling block.

Aside from getting a banana and doing the old school roll down, this blog post will be the next best thing.

In this post we will offer a step by step guide to how to use a condom and the easiest and quickest way to apply one.

Step one

Unless you have only just purchased your condoms from a reputable store, we suggest that you immediately check the expiration date before you even think about using it. In most cases, condoms last for a very long time, but they do expire and this hugely lessens the chances of them working. So, step one should always be that you ensure that they are still within their date.

Step two

Next, it’s time to open your condom and this is also a step that should be taken with great care and caution. We often hear of people who use their teeth or a scissors to open the packaging, but this can risk damaging the  condom itself. Most condoms come in an easy to tear packet, just make sure that you find the right corner and open it that way.

Step three

Once the condom is out of the packaging, make sure that you have it facing the right way up. Place the condom, flatly on the palm of your hand and make sure that the roll is facing outwards and up. When you start to apply the condom, you want that roll to be pulling down from the outside. Before you even begin to apply it, make sure that you already have it ready to go.

Step four

 Take the condom from your palm by pinching the tip, which should now be pointing upwards from your hand and place it on the head of your penis. Be sure to leave a small space, as this is the part of the condom where the semen will later collect.

Step five

Now you want to start unrolling the condom down the length of your penis, continuing to unroll until you get to the end. If you find this step to be a little bit difficult, consider adding some lubricant to your penis before you apply it. This can help the condom to unroll that little bit easier.

Step six

Do the deed!

Step seven

Once you have finished, hold onto the rim of the condom and gently pull yourself from your partner. This will ensure that the condom stays in place and that you have no premature spillages at this stage.

Step eight

Once you have fully removed yourself from your partner and gotten a sufficient distance away, go ahead and dispose of the condom.

These steps definitely become more fluid and natural with time and before long, you’ll be able to apply a condom with relative ease and caution.

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Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

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