8 Common Condom Questions You’re Afraid To Ask

8 Common Condom Questions You’re Afraid To Ask

Despite the vast advancements that the digital world has brought with it, sex is still something that comes with a stigma attached and sometimes it’s a difficult subject to talk about.

So, what is it that you do when you have a sex related question but are too embarrassed to ask someone that you know?

We’re pretty sure that you probably do what we do, search for it on the internet and then pore over the results, looking for the answer that best suit your question.

When it comes to condoms, we’ve heard all of the most pressing questions and understand that it can be hard to find all the answers in one place. In this blog post, we are going to do just that and hopefully answer all of those questions that you will ever have.


Can a condom burst?

If they are not cared for or used correctly then yes, condoms can sometimes tear, rip or burst, but this only happens in rare instances. In actual fact, condoms are one of the most reliable and safeguarding forms of contraception and have much higher success rates than other contraceptive options.

But, to make sure that you’re not in the minority, just make sure that you properly store your condoms, look after them and then use them correctly.


Can I be allergic to condoms? 

Yes, it is possible to be allergic to certain materials that are used in the production of condoms. If you find that you often suffer uncontrollable itching after sex, it could be that you do have some kind of allergy.

Although it’s not very common, latex is the most common condom related allergy.


Should I use two condoms?

Nope, never and under no circumstances. We can understand why people would think this and you be forgiven for thinking that using two condoms would be a safety net but, in reality, it can actually increase the chances of something going wrong.

When you cover one condom with another, you’re creating a friction, which can cause the condoms to tear and hence, make them entirely unsafe.

If you’re worried about STI’s, one well-fitted condom will do the trick. However, if you’re worried about pregnancy, it’s better that you use one condom and another form of contraception, as opposed to two condoms.


Do condoms come in sizes?

Yes, but these days there are numerous different sizes, shapes and styles on the market. There are longer one’s and shorter one’s, wider one’s and thinner one’s, textured one’s and heated one’s. And the list goes on and on.

There is actually no ‘standard’ condom size, as they are deliberately designed to be suitable for all of the types of people on the planet. Bear in mind that condoms will also stretch, if necessary, to fit the size of the person.

Before you purchase any condoms, do some research and do your best to find the right size and style for your wants and needs. This might even mean experimenting with a few different styles, over as many months. This will not only sure you find a condom that is effective and right for you but will increase the experience that you have overall.


Why do some condoms smell?

Unfortunately, some condoms do have a very distinctive smell and more often than not, it’s the latex that’s causing the whiff.


Do condoms make sex less enjoyable? 

Nope, and we would argue that they add to the enjoyment because it saves you from worrying about the consequences of unprotected sex. What’s more, these days there are lots and lots of different types of condoms and many of these are now designed to increase pleasure for both parties.

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Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

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