Why You Should Never Use Two Condoms

Why You Should Never Use Two Condoms

It’s a common misconception that using two condoms is better than one and many people often believe that two condoms can be a more effective form of contraception. But like many other myths that relate to sex, contraception and condoms in particular, this is entirely untrue and in fact, it can dramatically lessen the chance of your condom working.

In today’s post, we are going to delve a bit deeper, to really understand double bagging and why it should never be done.

It may seem like a good idea, but | 

Whilst we already know better, we can entirely understand why some people might think two condoms are better than one, as in other aspects of life that is often the case. However, when it comes to condoms, the opposite is often true.

If worn correctly, one condom should be effective enough and even side stepping the fact that two condoms can actually lower the chances of the condom working, there would never really be a need for two to be used away. At the moment, condoms are 80% effective, the highest rate of any of the contraception’s.

Although we always suggest using two differing types of contraception, a condom and the implant for example, scientific evidence has proven that one condom is an effective form of birth control. There is never really a need for more than one condom, but in our opinion,  you should always use a condom regardless of if any other contraception is involved.

Condoms are the only form of protection that also prevent STDs from spreading.

Why double bagging is a no, no |

Many health professionals have issued stark warnings about the possible consequences of using two condoms, despite there being very little actual research into the issue. However, numerous professionals still believe that using to condoms cause them to rub together and therefore increase the friction during sex. As a result, condoms can often rip or tear and become ineffective.

What is worrying you?

 If the thought of using two condoms has crossed your mind even once, you might want to try and delve a bit deeper. For most people, one condom is more than enough, and it will give them piece of mind throughout the entire act. But if you still feel anxious or in need of further protection, it might be worth thinking about exactly what you are worried about.

Is there anything else you can do that would make you feel less concerned and more able to just enjoy yourself? Have a think and try your best to challenge this kind of mindset.

The basics |

As we’ve already said, as of yet there are few actual reports which truly explain the potential consequences of using two condoms, both medical professionals and  condom manufacturers agree that the outcomes can only be bad.

Additionally, one condom is already protection enough and there is hardly much point in risking using a second one. But if you are still worried about the chances of your partner getting pregnant, we suggest that you both consider a second type of contraception. Condoms are excellent and can be used on their own but there is no harm in using a different type of contraception alongside it.

Here’s an article about the Condoms Basics

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