Alternative Uses For Lube

Alternative Uses For Lube

Many people think that lube is used just for sexual pleasure. But did you know that lube can actually be used for a plethora of every day uses. From hardware to personal care, the opportunities are endless. Here are some alternative uses for lube.

Shaving Cream

If you need to shave your legs quickly but don’t have any shaving cream, try some lube. lube is known for moisturising and having skin protection qualities, so there’s no need to worry about damaging your skin. It’ll also cut close to your skin, so there won’t be any pesky tiny hairs to bother you. Your legs will be as smooth as they can possibly be.


Instead of oil, try replacing it with lube. Massage therapists use lube in order to provide a thinner coating. This gives them better control over how deep the massages will go. And lube is just as effective as massage oil in working at the muscles. One final plus is that you won’t have to wash off the massage oil before having sex, as the lube will be there ready for you.

Removing a Stuck Ring

Having a too tight ring on your finger can be a pain. No matter how hard you pull, it won’t budge. And twisting it won’t work either. But adding a hint of lube can fix your problem quickly. The lube will help loosen the ring and make your skin slippery. That will allow you to remove the ring pretty easily.

Patent Leather Polish

Leather can be tricky. It can easily be scuffed and ruined. And scuffed leather is ugly leather. So get rid of those marks by using lube. Use soft cloths and rub the lube into the leather. The scuffs will come out quickly. And your leather will be ready to help you impress the crowds.

Doorknob Prank

This is a little odd, but lube can be helpful in pranking your friends. Pour some lube onto a doorknob and watch as they are unable to open the door. It’ll be frustrating for them and hilarious for you. And you can use lube to get rid of squeaky doorknobs as well.

Special Effects

Lube is actually very important in the special effects world. Although many things are now computer-generated, practical effects still use lube. It can be used as goo or liquids in horror movies. For example, lube was combined with the insides of glow sticks to create alien blood in Predator. That’s crazy.


It’s important to remove makeup before you go to sleep. But sometimes you forget or don’t have a makeup kit. That’s where lube comes in. Lube can be used to remove non-waterproof mascara. It will wipe off the makeup quickly and not leave residue behind. Lube can also be used as makeup itself, with it being a good lip gloss if you don’t have any. It will leave your lips smooth and beautiful.

Hair Gel

Lube can actually be used to style hair. Silicone-based lubes have dimethicone, which hair treatments contain. So instead of buying expensive treatment bottles, put some lube in your hair. It will increase your hair’s shine and decrease hair frizz. That’s a good thing in fluctuating environments.

Removing Adhesive Residue

Have you ever taken off a price tag, only to leave behind that sticky residue that’s kind of gross? Well, with lube you have your very own adhesive removal. Put some on the impacted area and rub it in. That will get rid of the residue. And it can also be used on residue left behind from bandages. The sticky residue will be greatly reduced, if not completely removed.

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