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Extra Safe Condoms Value Pack (30 Pack)

Value Pack Extra Safe Length: Various Width: Various Regular
Material: Various
Value Pack Extra Safe Length: Various Width: Various Regular
Material: Various
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Extra Safe Condoms Value Pack (30 Strong Condoms)



10 x Durex Extra Safe Condoms

10 x Pasante Extra Safe Condoms

10 x Mates Supersafe/Protector Condoms

There are many times when a couple chooses to use an extra-safe condom. Perhaps there is vigorous love-making or anal sex. Then again a couple wants to be extra-sure there are no unwanted pregnancies. Couples who have had a condom break in the middle of sex or disintegrate when withdrawing know the angst felt for weeks on end. However, using an extra-safe condom does not mean you have to sacrifice sensations or pay a ton of money. British Condoms has a value pack of three of the top rated extra-safe condoms. You can enjoy your sexual experience without giving up quality.

In this bundle you will receive:

10 x Durex Extra Safe – This condom is slightly thicker and extra lubricated to provide that additional measure of confidence and reassurance. Easy-on, these condoms are uniquely shaped to enhance comfort and provide the reassurance you need. Having a coral color and reservoir tip, the Extra Safe is made from hypo allergenic natural rubber latex. This is the most popular Durex condom in the latex range.

” Good price and fun to use. Came very quickly, and delivery was fast too. Nice and thick so however rough you are they don't break. Highly recommended! We will use again ' and again ' and again!”

“This is a great condom for everyday use. The easy-on shape makes them easier to apply and the extra lube makes them comfortable to wear. The slight extra thickness gives versatility for vaginal or anal sex without noticeably reducing sensation. I carry them with me all the time.”

“Quite simply, superb. Easy to put on, and because they don't strangle your dick, they are incredibly sensitive ' yes, even in spite of the thicker latex. I tend to produce quite a lot of 'pre-cum' so the extra lubrication this gives inside makes for a superbly sensual experience. Best thing is, they don't split and they don't slip off!”

10 x Pasante Extra Safe - Although these condoms are sized for the average man, they are extra-thick at 1 mm. They are coated in extra lubricant, to provide comfortable use and maximum sensitivity. This lubricant is not a spermicide and should not be considered to be a contraceptive on its own.

10 x Mates Supersafe/Protector - Super Safe Condoms are designed slightly thicker than normal condoms to allow for vigorous activity while still providing the maximum in peace of mind. While these super strong condoms are designed to offer more than double the level of strength required by standard condoms, the plentiful amount of lubricant contained inside enhances personal pleasure.

“Great value, great product”

How to use

Use a condom only once.  Please refer to the individual instructions for details on the suitability of these condoms.

Hazards and Cautions

Please read the instructions provided carefully, especially if you are using condoms for anal or oral sex. No method of contraception can give you 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or sexually transmitted infections.

Important info

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

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