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If you just met me you would think I was nothing more than a serious executive in a large corporation. Those who work under me believe me to be a fair but demanding boss. I do not engage in trading personal stories, but when I hear that one of my employees has suffered a loss or injury, I can be compassionate without being a sap.

My salary is excellent and affords me a nice lifestyle. I am not married nor am I encumbered with offspring. I have always worn a condom when having sex. Whereas disease is always a reason, unwanted pregnancies are also on the top of the list.

However, I have a second means to earn a healthy income that is on a cash basis. I will not share how I spend it or where I may keep it. For several years I was an instructor at several of the better BDSM clubs in the area. Men would bring their girlfriends to me in order to learn how to be the perfect submissive. Sometimes women would engage my services on their own. I was highly recommended and I vetted everyone carefully who wanted my tutelage.

The scene became boring to me, although the money was good. All too often the women had read some book and thought the idea of being a sub would be sexy. They really didn’t want to be in the life – they wanted to play games. I don’t play games and I do not want to waste my time with those who do. So, I ventured out on my own.

Because I am good at what I do, I have a loyal following of other discreet executives. I offer my services at my home and have sound-proof rooms where I conduct classes. It is very rare for a man to want me to teach complete dominance. My practice area does not have whips, chains and other paraphernalia hanging from the walls. If I should ever need an object, I know where to find it.

My clients predominantly engage me to teach their women how to give world-class oral sex. You may scoff at this idea. After all, if a woman spends enough time sucking a man’s cock, he will ejaculate. That is the point of the exercise. However, my clients want more than just a means to ejaculate. They have their hands for that. They want to be serviced whenever and wherever they desire with the proceedings being completely discreet. They want to know that when the woman leaves an office, a limo, a closet – wherever – that there is no outward sign that anything has transpired. This means, no come around her mouth or on either person’s sexy clothes. This also means she acts with dignity and not like a slut.

Generally my course takes four sessions. I will hold a fifth session if the woman has potential but is a little slow in getting her coordination. I am also painfully honest with my clients. If a woman does not appear to have what it takes, in my opinion, I will tell the client. It is his choice if he wants to keep her to service him in other ways.

The first lesson is all about the male anatomy. No, these women are not virgins but many of them have had sex with the lights out and have no idea about how a man functions. During each class we are both nude. She must be comfortable with her nudity and that of her partner. I am not there to judge whether her breasts are too small or if she is overweight. When we begin the first lesson I will be flaccid. She will hold my penis and I will point out the erogenous points on most men. I explain that when her tongue spends time on these areas, her man will reach his peak quickly. This is part of her training. Her sponsor wants a blow job that will be very quick so he achieves a release and then goes on with his business or meeting.

I show her how to handle a man’s sac so that it is all part of the eroticism. By this time I have achieved an erection and I allow her to suck the head of my cock while slowly stroking my shaft. When I feel I am ready I will tell her to stop. I finish myself and tell her to cup her hands. I am going to come in them. I want her to watch me come and feel the warm cream. She must not be afraid of it and she must not shy away from it.

She learns at this time that some men come in copious amounts while others will only shoot a few small squirts. Luckily I am one of the former so she has a good learning experience. I inform her that both types are normal. When her hands are full I tell her to close her eyes and just feel the essence of the man. Smell it; taste it. Be one with it. When she is done she can go wash up, get dressed and leave. A car always drops the woman and picks her up to take her home.

The second lesson is more intense. When she arrives and undresses I have already made myself hard. I tell her to suck me like she did during the last lesson; however I want her to take more of me in her mouth. She is to remember to lick me and apply her tongue to the pressure points, making sure to use a flicking motion. She can – and should – use both hands to fondle my sac and shaft. This time when I come I am going to pull out of her mouth and shoot on her face and breasts. She is not to flinch. She is to watch me come and enjoy the experience.

When I am empty I tell her to look down and see all the cream on her breasts. Feel the warmth. Feel the essence. She is to rub all of it into her skin as she would a fine emollient. Her face should radiate pleasure.

The third lesson gets much harder. I explain to her that I am going to fuck her face. I mention that some men can become quite aggressive at this, but I will not. I explain that I will force my penis to the back of her throat and explain the swallowing technique so she does not gag. I inform her that I will be coming in her mouth and for her to see if she can anticipate that moment of release. This is where I separate the can’s with the can not’s.

I hold her head so she cannot move away or try to draw back when my cock hits the roof of her mouth or back of her throat. As I promised, I am gentle with this so she can also practice her sucking and tonguing. I do not warn her when I am going to shoot, but I do pull away to just inside her lips so she doesn’t panic. She swallows. I keep watching to see if there are any drips from the side of her mouth or left-over come on her lips. This is the main goal.

Lesson four is graduation day. The woman must be able to give me oral sex, bring me off quickly, and swallow every drop of my semen without a hint of what she has done showing on her face. She must be a good actress. Her look should be the same as if she was walking in a store or reading her menu. There should be no hint of sex about her, no look of desire. Some women can become very aroused when giving a blow job. If she accomplishes this, she earns her degree and a huge bonus from her sponsor.

When I date a woman, I never divulge my part-time job. And I rarely ask for a blow job. I can take vanilla sex sometimes and sometimes I need a little more kink. There are rooms I keep locked in my home: the lesson room and my home office. If she inquires about them I tell her I do not like nosey women. That usually halts that line of questioning.

Life is good.

29th Apr 2016 British Condoms

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