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Don’t judge a book by its cover

My flat is in a three-story walk up and I am on the third level. It’s a hike but it keeps me in shape. I have only one neighbour who lives across the hall – a female. She had only been in the building a few months but I could hear her going out at least four times during a week. Although I had not met her I thought she must be a hot chick to have all these dates.Then one day we arrived on the small landing at the same time and spoke polite greetings. She is not a hot chick. I thought she must ha …
24th Sep 2015

Cougars need less maintenance than kittens

At work I hear men, young and not so young, complain about trying to score by picking up a ‘hot chick’ in a pub or club. They are talking about the under 30 woman who is more concerned with her make-up and hair than she is with pleasing a man. They want to be wined and dined and have you spend big bucks on them – because they’re worth it, or so they think. I do not enter into those conversations. The first reason is the whole gist is immature. My personal life is personal. And secondly, I have a …
18th Sep 2015

Lessons from the Book of the Month Club

There is nothing more relaxing than stretching out on the sofa and reading a nice, juicy trashy book. I like them to have a plot of mystery or intrigue but there has to be lots of graphic, sizzling sex. You would be surprised just how much you can learn by reading some of these fiction novels. All my favourites are written by women and while creativity is important, I have heard that every good author pulls from personal experiences. So not all the sex is mere imagination. Some of it has to be r …
11th Sep 2015

Just Icing on the Cake

I am a single, well-adjusted man in my mid-thirties. I am straight and unmarried and I plan to keep it that way for another five years or so. This is the very reason I hate getting wedding invitations and detest even more attending the festivities.If you have attended a wedding of late you can’t help but notice the single women. They have a special look in their eyes like a hunter after a prime buck. They are all involved in how beautiful the bride is, how much attention she is getting, how many …
9th Sep 2015

I’ll take a picnic every weekend!

I work with a group of very proper people. The men all wear suits and the women dress nicely in either suits or dresses. We deal with the public so I suppose the powers ‘upstairs’ want us to give the impression that we know what we are doing. We do not fraternize – not even at lunch. We all go our separate ways.Much to my surprise one of the men around my age invited me to his home for a cookout on Saturday evening. Summer was winding down and we still had some fairly warm evenings. He sai …
6th Nov 2014