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Lessons from Porn

If you have never seen a porn film from ‘back in the day’ you are really missing out on a true art form. My older brother took me to an XXX movie at a sleazy theatre for my introduction. He did not say anything to me and just handed me a bunch of tissues to put in my pocket. We walked in after the film had started and I noticed that not too many people were sitting together. He pointed for me to take a seat and he went in the opposite direction. When I sat down and looked at the screen I could n …
29th Jan 2016

No Regrets

Every living being has preferences. I am not talking about fantasies but preferences in their normal everyday lives. I am a very busy businessman and I take little time for myself. I eat right and go to the gym four times a week. I like a lot of sex but on my terms. The women I see more than once understand this so there are no preconceived ideas about happily ever after,Generally I go for the svelte, athletic type of woman. Hair color and such does not matter, Intelligence doesn’t matter. You m …
22nd Jan 2016

Health Experts’ Advice

According to most health experts in order to get in shape and remain healthy you should exercise for 30 minutes at least three times a week. I have never read any statistics on whether sex makes an official cardio exercise. So to be on the safe side I hit the gym three times a week. I do not have six pack abs but I do not have a couple of spare tires hanging around my waist, either. The only thing that hangs on me is my dick. I like to go commando and that includes when I’m working out. It’s not …
18th Dec 2015

Teaching young miss about the value of money

Men who manage other people’s money all day are sometimes considered grim and without personality. I do object to those negative comments. Yes, I am middle aged and divorced, but when I have time I do not have issues finding female companions. As I said, when I have time and I remain quite busy of late. You see, I joined my father’s firm and he passed away about a year ago so I handle all the clients on my own now. Mainly we deal with trust funds and once one is set up properly there is not …
3rd Dec 2015

Do not suffer alone

For a middle-aged man I do all right. Most of the time I have dates with the type of women I enjoy and we have good sexual relations. But like most professional athletes (which I am not!), sometimes you have a cold streak. In emergencies I will jack off, but I would prefer for someone to do it for me – or better. So I have worked on a great way to get new women, even if it is for one night.When you live long enough you learn that women like to nurture. They can’t help their innate feelings of he …
13th Nov 2015