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Is there a doctor in the house?

With several kids running around the house, my wife’s and my sex life certainly isn’t as spontaneous as it used to be. We enjoy sex together as much as we did when we were first married, but finding the time and energy is a challenge. Several months ago we came up with a stupendous solution. Both sets of grandparents live not too far away. Once a month one set gets them for a whole weekend. We drop them off Friday after work and pick them up Sunday after the grandparents have fed them. So o …
1st Apr 2016

I’m Okay – You’re Okay

The rain had quit for a while and I had just finished reading one of my favorite kinds of fiction novels. Yes, I read the Fifty Shades group, but it was just a little too sophomoric for me. I like to read about men and women with experience, not virgins. Why would any woman over 21 want to read about virgins? In those books her first time is ecstatic, and in my opinion that’s a lot of crap. My paperbacks always have a good plot. Someone is being chased, framed for something they didn’t do, …
24th Mar 2016

Talk Dirty to Me

Have you ever watched a detective drama on television or at the movies where they were trying to bust a sex-phone business? It seems like it’s always the same. Maybe the producers want to portray the telephone workers as decrepit individuals because they do not want to promote sex porn or whatever. Many of the women are just plain ugly, some have rollers in their hair and some are painting their nails while they talk to customers obviously bored out of their minds. But they are making some se …
11th Mar 2016

Secret to a longer marriage

My wife and I have been together for 15 years. We own our modest home (with the bank!) and we have a son and a daughter. Our son is 13 and daughter is 10. We always have dinner together as a family unless one of the kids is at a sleep-over or my wife and I are on our monthly date night. We go to movies and holidays as a family. Many of our friends who have gotten divorced are envious of our ‘quaint’ lifestyle. When we were married for about four years and our son was just a toddler, we disc …
4th Mar 2016

You have to love the new apps

There are times you just want to get laid. Forget paying a prostitute. That scene isn’t for me. But I wanted to fuck someone new without any strings attached. We both would have fun and just walk away with no romantic entanglements. Some of my friends say that semi-commitments are the price we have to pay for our fun. Then the others told me about the new dating apps they use to find hook-ups. I’ll try anything once – or twice. My plan was to engage a new lead and invite her to have a drink on a …
26th Feb 2016