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Hello, Halo

A few weeks ago I worked late on a Friday evening and did not have a hot date to look forward to. So I went to a neighborhood ‘club’ that serves some decent food, cold beer and has not-too-loud music playing. They have a small dance floor where the inebriated can bump and grind. It’s not a bad place, but it doesn’t have a four star rating. Usually there are no bar fights and I have never seen any drug deals. On occasion a working girl will come up to you but the bartender and his allies try t …
23rd May 2016 British Condoms

Little Man – Big Lover

If you met me for the first time you probably wouldn’t even notice me. I’m average looking have an average job and live in average surroundings. There is a cliché that says some people learn the hard way, and when it comes to women that was me. Most of you knew me from your school days. I was not a great athlete and I was the one that always tried to hide and not be seen naked in the locker room. I have a little penis. According to all the books I have read, I really am average – just like …
13th May 2016 British Condoms

Take this as a Lesson

If you just met me you would think I was nothing more than a serious executive in a large corporation. Those who work under me believe me to be a fair but demanding boss. I do not engage in trading personal stories, but when I hear that one of my employees has suffered a loss or injury, I can be compassionate without being a sap. My salary is excellent and affords me a nice lifestyle. I am not married nor am I encumbered with offspring. I have always worn a condom when having sex. Whereas d …
29th Apr 2016 British Condoms

Don’t tell a Soul

It is difficult for women to keep secrets. This is why I haven’t told any of my good friends. Actually, men are not all that tight lipped, either. But this is something I would not tell a man-friend for fear it would get back to my husband. I am married. If you were to listen to all my married friends when we get together, you would not think happily married. The romance is definitely gone, but I would say the marriage is strong. I know he has been faithful to me, and I have never cheated o …
15th Apr 2016 British Condoms

Calling party for two

Not too long ago one of the guys I work with invited me to a party he was having on a Saturday evening. It was surprising because we had never spoken much to each other before and I had no idea what kind of personality he had. I asked who else was coming from the office and he said no one. It just so happened that he made his invitations and more girls said they would be there than guys He said he wanted to even out the numbers and besides, I might meet someone new and interesting. I accept …
8th Apr 2016