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Are there really condoms for Vegans?

Some people may ask what is a vegan. Is this another word for vegetarian – or for the PETA activists?Vegetarians are individuals who prefer not to eat meat, per se. This includes red meat, fish or poultry. Pork in any form would be included in this verboten group. A vegetarian can eat dairy products such as eggs, cheese, yogurt and milk. Although, if they do eat eggs it might spur the question: what came first a chicken or an egg? For some reason eggs are not included with poultry. There a …
23rd Dec 2016

Thoughtful Gifts for the Thoughtfully Challenged

There are several facts in play during most holiday seasons. Men hate to shop. Period. It could be Christmas, an anniversary or a birthday. Therefore, men are thoughtfully challenged. Some think a woman should be satisfied with a sleeve of golf balls. Others go for the tried and true gifts of chocolates and flowers. Women love chocolates and flowers. But they aren’t original. Your woman will know you got her gift at the last minute and you did not think enough of her to spend time thinking …
2nd Dec 2016

When does Size Really Matter?

You read article after article about when it comes to sex size doesn’t matter. Was that idea trust into modern sexology by psychologists or women on the receiving end? Do larger men believe it was begun by men who were on the smaller end of the spectrum to make themselves feel better? If you believe the articles in the women’s magazines they really do believe size does not matter. So what’s the big deal about size?When all the facts and figures come in it is really men who are more concern …
11th Nov 2016

​Inside the Making of Condoms

There are more than five billion condoms sold worldwide each year. With this kind of mass production one would surmise that the manufacturers have automated processes that take the hard labor and guesswork out of equation. Each little corner of the world has its favorite brand and material. The best known and respected brands are very transparent in their manufacturing process. The lesser known brands and smaller sellers do not promote their manufacturing techniques. The big guys are proud …
3rd Nov 2016

All about Condoms

A Comprehensive Guide to CondomsMillennials and Gen-X have probably heard their parents and grandparents talking in hushed tones about condoms. They may believe or think that the condom is a fair recent invention that came with the introduction of vulcanized rubber. This is not a subject that is even touched on in school. Teachers, even health teachers, do not announce to the class to bring out their books and turn to the section covering the history of condoms. Most students find world hi …
28th Oct 2016