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Is your lube ruining your love life?

Many men – and women – ask about lubricants and whether or not they can affect the dependability of a condom. The short answer is a certain ‘yes’. Not all lubes are made the same and not all condoms are made the same. What’s good for one may not be good for the other. So here is a bit of Lube 101.The medical community agrees that one of the main reasons a condom can fail is that the individuals are using the wrong kind of lube for the material that the condom is made of. You didn’t think lubes w …
22nd Sep 2017

The Most Creative Way to carry Condoms

Before we can give you some of the most creative ways to carry condoms we need to go over some condom basics. The more experienced man – and woman – will know these simple facts. But for educational purposes we will remind you.Ever since condoms became available to the average man he would stick one in his wallet knowing he would have protection just in case he got lucky. (Naturally, we are talking about single men, young and old.) ‘Back in the day’ there were more incidents of condom brea …
1st Sep 2017

The Best Condom for the Beginner

When anyone thinks about a young man using a condom for the first time, the first person who comes to mind is that really randy high school lad who at least knows the fundamentals of safe sex. Hold that thought. There are thousands of men, young and old, who are about to use a condom for the first time.These are the men who have previously been in a monogamous relationship, probably previously married. It can be a man of 30 who is recently divorced and his former wife had been his only sex …
13th Jan 2017

​Everything you ever wanted to know about Durex

Whether you walk down the aisle at a big box store or purchase your condoms on line, have much thought have you given to the brand you are buying – other than you like this particular manufacturer. Have you analyzed your condom of choice or did you select it because you have heard the name? Does reputation fit into your decision? What goes into making a top selling condom like the Durex brand?Did someone wave a magic wand and the condom appear out of nowhere? You would be surprised at just …
6th Jan 2017

​How to select the best Vibrator for you

We’ve come a long way, baby. Did you know that vibrators have been around for several hundred years? The origin of the device is remarkable because it was primarily invented for – and used by – physicians who were curing women of ‘hysteria.’ Yes, women were diagnosed as being hysterical when they complained of aches, pains, increased libido, feeling wet between the legs and a host of other illness which we now consider being just plain horny.Remember, 200 years ago women didn’t have sex d …
29th Dec 2016