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​Stealthing Problems in the UK

Most unabridged dictionaries define the word stealth as a cautious and surreptitious action or movement more in line with the word secrecy. As an adjective it means a piece of machinery that has built-in capabilities that the object itself is difficult to detect by radar or sonar. This hints at secrecy as well.Everyone has heard of the famous stealth bomber. In quoting Wikipedia, “Stealth aircraft are designed to avoid detection using a variety of technologies that reduce reflection/emission of …
24th Oct 2017

​Is Foot Size Related To Penis Size?

Two women went out after work to grab a drink at a nearby pub. After a couple of margaritas one whispered to the other, “You know, I can’t find a man that really satisfies me.”The second woman gave her a knowing look and said, “You know how to tell what he’s packing?” The first woman shook her head negatively. “Look at his feet. The bigger they are, the bigger he is down there.” Several evenings later, in the same pub, a man came up to the naive young woman and offered to buy her a drink. She lo …
17th Oct 2017

​Do you need a condom for anal sex?

What is your definition of need? The ancient Greeks were really into backdoor fun and they did not have today’s modern conveniences. They also didn’t have many of today’s modern diseases, like HIV. And those that were on the receiving end were young slave boys and the older men could have cared less about their feelings – mentally or physically.In the 21st Century many couples enjoy anal sex, both straight and gay. Even couples who have been tested to be free of any disease and have remained fai …
9th Oct 2017

Condoms for Smaller Guys

The majority of men believe they could be larger in package size. Many who think they are smaller than average are indeed average. It is human nature to want what we were given by pure genetics enhanced to make us feel better about ourselves. For men it seems the size of the penis defines the whole person. Whether this came from Neanderthal ‘thinking’ or grew from some king of old world superstition, it is faulty at best.Women around the globe will tell every researcher and survey question that …
2nd Oct 2017

​What are the pros and cons of Vegan Condoms?

There may be some readers who never thought there were separate condoms for vegans and the traditional ones for the rest of the world. It is estimated that worldwide the condom market will generate almost $2 billion in USD. Only a very small fraction of this booming business will be in vegan condoms? Is this because they are inferior in quality to a standard condom? No – it is simply ruled by supply and demand.Do not confuse a vegetarian with a vegan. Vegetarianism has been in existence for mill …
26th Sep 2017