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​10 Strange Condom Facts

Have you ever heard the saying ‘truth is stranger than fiction’? In the case in the life of condoms, this can be an accurate statement. For those who followed the old sitcom Cheers or watch the reruns today, you know all about Cliff Clavin. Yes, this postal genius has something to say about everything. Generally, he was pulling facts out of his butt.However, armed with the following facts you can wow your friends with your plethora of strange knowledge about condoms. You will be renames ‘The Ora …
28th Nov 2017

​Main reasons why a condom breaks

For those who have not paid attention to reminders, if you use a condom the proper way each and every time you have sex, they are 98% effective protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexual disease. To break this down into numbers that may be easier to understand, out of 100 couples who use a condoms every time they have sex, a total of two will experience a problem.There is also a harsh truth to be told. Sometimes the truth hurts. There have been numerous studies regarding the quality of c …
20th Nov 2017

​10 Surprising Reasons why Sex is good for your Health

There is no argument against the fact that sex is used for procreation. All animals have sex, from the lowest on the food chain to the highest – human beings. There are many documented cases where the lower forms of animals also have sex because orgasms feel good. There are also reports that animals of all species including some aquatic natives also indulge in masturbation.Whether you believe in Buddha, God or any other supreme being, why do we think they created sex to serve a purpose other tha …
13th Nov 2017

​Why doesn’t the pull-out method work?

This age-old method of birth control has a new name. No, it’s not coitus interruptus. Since the method was ‘available’ in ancient Rome, it is fitting that is has a Latin name. Now it is called pull-and-pray. How would you like the answer: good news first or bad news up front? Let’s discuss the good news. You can determine if good is the right adjective.You can make this method of birth control work up to 96% of the time, but 75% of the work depends on the woman and how diligent she is in keeping …
7th Nov 2017

​How to use a Dental Dam

Some people reading this article have never head of a dental dam – at least not in a sexual context. They may have been in their dentist’s office and received a procedure for a root canal. A dental dam is hygienic just like a piece of gauze is that is pre-packaged and sealed. It is a piece of latex or other material that can be as large as 10” x 6”. The dentist will make a hole in the damn and fit it over the tooth being worked on so that germs and bacteria will not enter the surgery zone.So wha …
31st Oct 2017