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​How to Posh Wank

Some gents who do not keep up with emerging vernacular have no idea what a posh wank is. Everyone knows that the word posh attributes upper class status to a person, place or thing. Originally, back in the day, upper crust travelers on ships between England and India would have ‘POSH’ written on their tickets. This meant their stateroom would be ‘Port Out, Starboard Home.’ So what’s the big deal? These cabins were always on the shady side of the ship which kept out the undesirable heat.Every mal …
3rd Jan 2018

​Sex Headaches – Symptoms, causes and treatments

Men the world over have heard the excuse from their partners: not tonight, dear, I have a headache! Most of the time, the pretext is just that. What she means is ‘I just don’t want to, so leave me alone!’ And the message is received.There may be those to whom just the thought of having sex with a certain person may give them a headache, but this is not a sex headache. Sex headaches are real. Anyone who has experienced them can tell you not only are they painful, but they can definitely play havo …
26th Dec 2017

​Tips and Sexual Positions to make you Last Longer

Just about every man in the world wants to last longer in bed. Why? First of all the act itself feels so great he wants it to last forever and ever. Then there are those who feel like they are not pleasing their partners and want to ensure she has an orgasm along with him. But here are some facts that may surprise you.Did you know that statistically 80% of men can last no longer than two minutes? That seems strange considering all the porn you watch. In evidently the young men in these films las …
22nd Dec 2017

​Signs and Symptoms of the Five Most Common STDs

Many are aware that there are two classifications of STIs or STDs. The first type is a bacterial infection that can usually be treated with antibiotics. The second class is viral infections. While research has given medications that lessen the symptoms, there are no cures. What makes some of these ailments devious is that oftentimes there are no specific symptoms and the only way to know if you have the STI is to get tested.There was a recent news article regarding a man who was dedicating the r …
14th Dec 2017

​Today’s facts about Gonorrhea

Do you ever wonder why there are so many new viruses and bacterial infections today that weren’t around 75 years ago? Just like the evolution of man, bacterium and viruses evolve and morph into different strains. Look at the Zika virus. That was a new and dumfounding illness that was rampant in the last five years. Crypto anthropologists are continuously finding new species of plants and animals that were never previously discovered. In addition, they are finding some species that they thought w …
5th Dec 2017