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Little Man – Big Lover

If you met me for the first time you probably wouldn’t even notice me. I’m average looking have an average job and live in average surroundings. There is a cliché that says some people learn the hard way, and when it comes to women that was me. Most of you knew me from your school days. I was not a great athlete and I was the one that always tried to hide and not be seen naked in the locker room. I have a little penis.

According to all the books I have read, I really am average – just like the rest of my life. No woman has ever looked at my junk and congratulated me on my virility. The formative years in my sex life were totally embarrassing and if I ever saw one of the girls I screwed back then, I’d walk to the other side of the street.

In the beginning I did what I was told. I always used a condom. However, after some humiliating instances when I was rutting like a dog and the damn thing slid off, I became best friends with my right hand and gave up on women for a good while. I thought I was doomed to lead a life of celibacy. Then I began looking  online for masturbators and discovered condoms now come in smaller sizes. I think they always made the bigger ones, but someone in the lab must have suffered like me so now they have a whole line of condoms for the average man who is smaller.

I couldn’t wait to try them out. I wanted to get laid. So I found a woman in a bar and we had sex. My condom fit beautifully and it took a little longer than normal to get off. But I kept hammering her. She moaned, cried and finally made a big production out of having an orgasm. That is good, right? At that point I had not been taught that women have acting genetically coded into their DNA. It’s not like they are actually lying, it’s because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

I was so stupid. I got all my information from porn. Those women moaned and cooed all night long. Well, they were acting. It wasn’t until I did some real research that I learned the truth. When a woman has an orgasm a man can feel her pussy muscles contract. According to the sexperts this is to give sperm an extra push into the vagina to help with fertilization. But this and only this muscle contraction will tell you she has come.

Well, no matter how hard I tried,  my little wiener wasn’t feeling the magic contractions. It didn’t matter what the woman said, if I couldn’t feel it, she couldn’t feel it. One night while I was sitting alone and had finished a half bottle of wine, I thought to myself: if I can pleasure myself with my hand, why can’t I give her as much pleasure? I began to research some more.

Now, before I even put my cock in a woman, I get her to come with my mouth and fingers. Until her pussy grabs my two fingers and my hand gets wet, in my mind she has not come. Yes, I do suck and lick her clit. But I also discovered how to  find her G-spot. If you get her to come while playing with her G-spot, she will have a very wet and lubricating orgasm.

Some men  merely finger fuck a woman while licking her clit. And that’s fine. But when you massage her G-spot, all the moaning and twisting and cooing are for real. There is a secret to the trick. Take your two fingers and make sure the pads are facing the same way as her navel – forward. You will know from her reaction if you have found the right place. Then you take the tips of your fingers and motion like you would to a child to come to you. If you practice, you will get it right. You will feel her come like nothing before.

My special education did not end there. I have admitted I am small, in my opinion. Sometimes the woman is not tight enough for me to realize much feeling. The women must think I have this amazing staying power, but I have to work like a ditch digger to get off. Then a woman introduced me to anal sex.

You may have never done it and never plan to. But – to each his own. For the ‘girthly challenged’, you can feel the tightness and the heat – far better than in her pussy. It also gives you the opportunity to play with her clit while you fuck her ass and you both get off. You can also put a vibrator in her pussy while you’re in her ass and you both will be blown to bits.

When I become involved with a woman now, anal sex must be on the menu. It doesn’t have to be every time. But it must be in the mix in an important way. In my sex life now, before I enter her at all I will make sure she has reached at least one orgasm. Then hopefully she has another when I fuck her. No one leaves disappointed.

In my youth when I asked a girl/woman out for a date after we had sex the first time I can’t tell you how many mothers wound up in hospital, cats died and every other excuse in the book. If you have to ask if it was as good for her as it was for you – you already had your answer.

Now I do not have that problem. Because I have my way of making sure both of us are happy, the women are satisfied and do not turn me down for another date. Some diminutive guy must have come up with the saying that size doesn’t matter. But you know, if you practice pleasing the woman first, then it really doesn’t matter. My little buddy and I are quite happy now.

13th May 2016 British Condoms

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