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Hello, Halo

A few weeks ago I worked late on a Friday evening and did not have a hot date to look forward to. So I went to a neighborhood ‘club’ that serves some decent food, cold beer and has not-too-loud music playing. They have a small dance floor where the inebriated can bump and grind. It’s not a bad place, but it doesn’t have a four star rating. Usually there are no bar fights and I have never seen any drug deals. On occasion a working girl will come up to you but the bartender and his allies try to keep them out.

I always sit at the bar with my suit jacket hanging on the back of the stool and my back pocket sporting the regular, my favourite Trojan Condoms. After a long day at work no one bothers me, and I don’t bother them. This night I felt a presence begin to sit next to me. I inwardly groaned and felt if I didn’t acknowledge him/her, they would leave me alone. I didn’t know it was a woman until she ordered some fussy lady’s drink that was pink and fizzy. I wondered to myself what in the world was this woman doing in my bar! If you’re going to drink dammit, drink something real.

It wasn’t until the bartender handed her the drink that I looked over at her. I had to hold on to the bar because I thought I was going to fall on my ass. This wasn’t a woman, per se. It was an ethereal female. She had big blue eyes and almost snow white hair hanging in ringlets down past her shoulders. While the lighting in the bar is not all that great I could tell that she wasn’t wearing the full complement of female make-up. She had full lips tinted soft pink with a gloss. She was dressed very plain and simple but utterly feminine. The way the bad light hit her, it looked like she had a halo above her head. She gave me a very shy smile.

There wasn’t one thought of sex in my head at that moment. Who would think of making a move on this sweet thing? I felt like someone had hit me with a stun gun and my tongue got twisted in my teeth. Finally, when I got my brain in gear we began talking. Her voice was so light and soft. I had to lean toward her to hear. She laughed at funny things I said and her laugh was like the tingling of wind chimes.

I bought her a couple more of her fizzy drinks and we talked for maybe a few hours. We were really getting along. She looked me in the eye when she talked, but sometimes she would look away and blush. She was special – very special. This was the type of girl you want your mother to meet. Truthfully, my mother would not want to meet any girl I dated and I’m sure the feeling was mutual. I wondered if her parents were missionaries, but I was not rude enough to ask.

The evening was winding down and suddenly she just let out a big sigh. I asked her if there was a problem and she said she didn’t want the evening to end so soon –she was really enjoying herself. I asked if she drove to the bar and she said she had walked. She was staying close by. I asked if she would like to come to my place. We could pop some corn and watch a movie on the TV. I would bring her back in one piece. Oh, that killer smile! She was all for it.

Shy girls were never my thing. I liked bawdy, down and dirty, screw me now kind of women. You know, the kind that keeps their fuck me shoes on while you’re pumping into them a mile a minute. So, I didn’t know what to say at times. I didn’t want to scare her or think I was the pig I am.

We got to my place, which was fairly clean for a change. I handed her the remote and asked her to pick a movie she wanted to see. I popped the corn and came back with it and soft drinks. We were having a nice, casual movie date. So we munched the corn and watched the movie – which wasn’t too bad. It was a chick flick, but there was a plot at least. There was no sex or anything obscene.

She asked if I’d put on some music and we could talk more. I sat back down and she was right next to me and I had my arm around her. After a couple of minutes her hand landed on my thigh. I figured that she didn’t realize what an intimate move it was. Unfortunately, my cock misunderstood as well because he thought it was time to rise up and join the party. Now she wasn’t just touching my thigh, she was running her hand up and down the inside and I knew as well as I knew my name that she was running the back of her hand against my boner on purpose.

I looked her in the eye and told her it would be better if she didn’t continue to do what she was doing because I might embarrass her as well as myself. She just smiled and called me silly. That was right before she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Shy girls don’t do that! Shy girls also don’t lean over and begin giving you a very experienced blow job. But she did.

Her lips were just as soft as I thought they were, but her tongue and mouth were like open flames. She licked me and stroked me and kept her eyes on me. Seeing all that beautiful hair across my lap and those big blue eyes and that fiery tongue – I was going to explode and it wasn’t going to be long. I warned her – twice. I mean did one shoot one’s wad into a shy girl’s mouth? Was that considered uncouth and common?

There wasn’t much time to think about it. After the last warning she took me in to the back of her throat and greedily sucked. I’ve got to tell you I thought my balls were going to join my come. I must have squirted five big shots and she swallowed all of them. Crap, the shy girl swallowed my semen! Not only that, but she kept gently sucking the head and squeezing my shaft until she knew there wasn’t a drop left.

My muscles were like Jelly and I was so lethargic. She went into the bathroom, I assume to rinse her mouth out. She came back in smiling, sat down and hugged my arm. She told me what a really nice time she had. Wasn’t that supposed to be my line? She said she was ready to go home and I took her.

I have not seen her since. She did not give me a phone number or email address. As far as I know she could have been dropped into that bar by aliens or a flying saucer. I can say she gave great head – don’t know where she learned – certainly not with the missionaries. I have two sisters and while they were dating my mother used to tell them to watch out for the shy, quiet boys. Something about still waters run deep. I don’t know about the water, but now I know about the shy, quiet type.

23rd May 2016 British Condoms

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