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​Everything you ever wanted to know about Durex

Whether you walk down the aisle at a big box store or purchase your condoms on line, have much thought have you given to the brand you are buying – other than you like this particular manufacturer. Have you analyzed your condom of choice or did you select it because you have heard the name? Does reputation fit into your decision? What goes into making a top selling condom like the Durex brand?

Did someone wave a magic wand and the condom appear out of nowhere? You would be surprised at just how much research, development and creativity goes into the thin piece of latex that gives you peace of mind when you use it for birth control or to prevent venereal diseases – or both.

Durex is not a Johnny come lately. The company per se was founded over 80 years ago and was known as the London Rubber Company which sold imported condoms and barber shop supplies. Maybe condoms were only sold in barber shops in London back then (probably not!). In 1929 LRC came out with its own brand of condom so that they did not have to be imported. This is when the Durex name was first registered.

Since it was the first ‘native’ condom, Durex has grown to be one of the best sellers in the UK. It could also be due to its reputation and innovative products. In the 1950’s the company introduced its first lubricated condom and later in 1953 it was the first brand to develop and adopt electronic testing. You can thank the safety of your Durex condom to these technological leaders.

Retro/Vintage TV set

The company always listened to the praises as well as complaints of its customers. To satisfy those who complained about the fit of the condom in the 1960’s they releases the world’s first anatomically shaped condom. Since television, radio and magazine ads were targeting women’s hygiene products and they were accepted, Durex began its first mass marketing advertising for the brand in the 1970’s. Many younger men made their first purchase of a Durex condom as a direct result, and these men have remained loyal to the brand.

The company didn’t stop there. With the AIDS epidemic they knew that some sexual acts were not as safe as the public thought. More and more cautious adults were using condoms for oral sex. Partners complained about the smell and taste of latex. Durex came up with a solution in 1995 when it introduced its line of flavored and scented condoms.

The next year Durex introduced its first website. This was truly an innovation. Today they have 42 different sites that cater to the local consumers. Its marketing department is really on its toes. Thanks to the website and customer feedback, they realized that they were losing sales because many people had sensitivities or were allergic to latex. So what did they do? They came out with their first non-latex condom. The Avanti group are condoms that use a synthetic polyurethane that was developed by Durex. It is non-allergenic and is softer and more elastic than natural latex.

As previously mentioned, Durex likes to listen to consumers. So in 1997 they were the first condom company to conduct and publish a worldwide survey. What came out of this survey? It could be said that they learned a few things that lead to further research and development. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the Durex Pleasuremax™. The company was the first to distribute a condom that had ribs and dots that would maximize pleasure for both partners.

Durex became socially responsible and joined many non-profit initiatives to help people enjoy sex without coming to harm. But they never gave up their research and development mission. In 2012 they introduced Performax® Intense Condom in the US. The baby boomers were aging. Some things slowdown in the aging process where as other things may speed up (like birthdays!). The Performax® was designed to bring a women to orgasm quicker while it contains a numbing agent that will make the man last longer. There are many others than just the boomers who enjoy this combination.

You now see wording on condom boxes that say they were electronically tested and meet government requirements. Durex goes further than ‘just meet’ quality standards. They always exceed them. International rules demand that condoms pass an air burst test. Governments require 18 litres of air as a standard. Durex pushes their quality to be able to withstand 40 litres of air.

hot air baloon

Durex condoms are made in batches of 432,000. For many, that would be a lifetime supply. However, if just one condom out of the batch does not pass the air test, or the water test (for drips and holes), the whole batch is discarded. Throwing out this many condoms can cost the company a considerable amount of money. You can be assured that anyone in the quality and assurance team makes sure that everything is up to standard while the condoms are manufactured.

Remember that 2007 worldwide survey? What did the company learn? While 60% said that sex was enjoyable only 44% of all respondents said that their sex lives were fully satisfying. They learned that men – more than women – become less satisfied as they age. This trend may be because, due to long-term commitments –they do not have sex as often. They find sex in a long-term relationship less exciting and more monotonous.

Not surprising, achieving an orgasm in the prime reason to have sex. Across the globe only 48% of the people surveyed said they had an orgasm every time they had sex. It should be no surprise that twice as many men than women said they regularly have orgasms. Did you think you were alone in your problems with sexuality? Of those surveyed, 34% of the women said they had times when they experienced vaginal dryness. Twenty-four percent of the men said they had trouble getting an erection and another 29% had trouble keeping one.

So how to people change their dysfunctions and hang ups? Were there any suggestions? This is a direct quote from the Durex website:

The fundamental elements of sexual satisfaction are as follows:

Physical and Emotional Health
We all need to have good general health and to be free from stress

Physiological Issues
We need to be free from sexual dysfunction

Emotional relationships
We need to feel loved, respected, feel at ease and secure in our relationship

We need to have enough excitement, variety and fun!

The following are the individual types of condoms that are listed on the Durex website. Some online retailers sell a few; others sell the entire line. It must be noted that Durex, during the years, has renamed and changed the packaging on some of their condoms. You may not recognize the name, but you do recognize the descriptor. There are some sites that still list the condom in question both ways for your convenience.

Durex Condoms

Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Non Latex Lubricated Condoms may also be known as Durex RealFeel®. These non-latex condoms are made from a refined Polyisoprene material. They are engineered to give a kin-on-skin feeling. Anyone who used the original Avanti will notice the advances that have been made. It is much softer than the original. It is much easier to roll on and the improved elasticity gives you a perfect fit.

The Polyisoprene is actually thinner than many latex models on the market. Those with latex sensitivities and allergies may still have problems with this material. However, not all those with allergies will have negative outcomes. Unlike polyurethane, you cannot use an oil-based lube with Polyisoprene.

Men who are larger than average in girth like these condoms better than switching to an XL. It is because the material has more stretch. In addition the material does not have the offensive latex odor.

Durex Performax® Intense could use the old Doublemint Gum advertising: double your pleasure, double your fun. This is a condom that is designed to bring normalcy back to the bedroom. Then again, for those without issues, it can add some excitement.

Twin Chakkers

This condom is designed with dots and ribs for the woman. It gives her more intense feeling internally, and when rubbed against her clitoris can be a clitoral stimulator. For the man who seems to finish before the woman (without this condom) it has a slight numbing agent in the tip of the condom. The numbing agent is activated with body heat. It only numbs the head of the penis, which is the most sensitive.

You definitely do not want any of the numbing agent to come in contact with your hands or your partner’s body.

If you are not certain which condom you want, you can always try the Durex Pleasure Pack®. There’s something for everyone to try. You can add some new sensations to your ‘monotonous’ sex life by trying new things, one at a time. In this pack you will receive Extra Sensitive Ribbed, Pleasuremax, Extra Sensitive and Tropical Flavors. If you find one that really tickles your fancy, then you can buy a full box. This was you are be adventurous on a budget.

Durex Extra Sensitive™ condoms are the thinnest in the Durex line which makes them extra sensitive. They are treated with an extra silky lube that is said to heighten excitement. It is 20% thinner than a standard Durex condom. It has a snug fit, is easier to roll on and has a low latex scent. These extra sensitive condoms will exceed your expectations.

Have you ever considered the Durex Tropical® Flavors? You may wonder why there is a line of condoms that not only are flavored but carry the scent of the fruit as well. Let’s start with the scent. Everyone knows that latex can sometimes…stink. If you are being politically correct, they have an obnoxious odor. Wouldn’t you rather smell a ripe strawberry than ripe latex?

Many men want oral sex but their partners will not oblige. These condoms make oral sex more fun for the giver. First of all, oral sex is not danger-free. You can contract an STD from oral sex just as you can from unprotected vaginal and anal sex. Your partner probably will not want to lick on plain latex. These condoms come in orange, strawberry and banana. This is the flavor of the lube.

All the other standards are met with the flavored condoms. They are easy to put on and feel great. However, since they are latex you must use a water-based lube if needed. Should your partner lick all the lube off because it tastes so good and you are enjoying the experience, you may have to replenish the lube.

The Durex XXL is specially made for the gentlemen who are truly longer than average. They are made from thin latex and have a reservoir tip. This is a strong and durable condom but still allows for superior sensation. It helps give you peace of mind when your condom rolls all the way down and you do not have any skin exposed to bacteria and viruses.


This condom is also wider at the head because it is that portion of the condom which gives the man the friction he wants and needs. You will also like that it has a very low latex odor.

Men want to give their partners as much satisfaction as they can. Remember the worldwide numbers on women’s orgasms? The Durex answer to this conundrum is the Durex Intense Sensation™ studded condom. One condom has hundreds of raised dots that she can feel for extra stimulation. They come prelubricated with a silky lube and the dots around the base of the condom are especially titillating. She will also like the coral color.

Durex Invisible™ is the thinnest condom developed by Durex and is designed to maximize sensitivity, while still providing a high level of security and protection. You may wonder about the difference between this condom and the Avanti. This condom is latex while the Avanti is Polyisoprene. The Durex Invisible™ is 20% thinner than the most popular Durex condom. It comes pre-lubed and is designed to give both partners are more true-to-life feeling.

Durex Extra Safe Condoms are just that – extra safe. These are made for men who want dependable safety but still want to feel the sensations. They are slightly thicker and have more lube that the average condom. They are made for anal sex and for the man who may tend to be a bit vigorous in his experiences.

Remember, whatever website you are shopping, these same condoms may be under a similar but not the same name. Some sites will have the old name and packaging but when you click on them, they will tell you the new name and have a link to them.

6th Jan 2017

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