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Calling party for two

Not too long ago one of the guys I work with invited me to a party he was having on a Saturday evening. It was surprising because we had never spoken much to each other before and I had no idea what kind of personality he had. I asked who else was coming from the office and he said no one. It just so happened that he made his invitations and more girls said they would be there than guys

He said he wanted to even out the numbers and besides, I might meet someone new and interesting. I accepted his invitation and when he gave me directions to his place, I wished I had made up some story like my brother was having an operation or something. This guy lived way out in the boonies and it would take at least 30 minutes to get there. Thank goodness I have a good GPS.

It was dark when I set out for his place. As I was driving I thought to myself that this would be a good area if you wanted to kill someone and dump the body where it wouldn’t be found for days. I mean it was pitch black and bleak.

To cut to the chase I quickly found out why not too many men had accepted his invitation. First, his food lacked any imagination and it was cheap. There were bowls of stale peanuts placed around plus there was a table with potato chips and dip. He also forgot to tell me to bring whatever I wanted to drink. At least he had some bottled water, which I took.

The women were a throw-back to another time. Most had teased hair that made them three inches taller. Their makeup was out of the hippie days. I tried not to be a snob and approached several who seemed to have no brains. I mean there was nothing of substance there. When a group of them got together and laughed they sounded like a bunch of hyenas.

I stayed for about an hour and went to thank my host for inviting me. I said I had to leave early because I had to take my dog out for a walk and we were in the middle of house-breaking. I don’t have a dog.

In driving away from that bad scene I felt like a tonne was lifted from my shoulders. But I was back on the black, bleak road. I was not traveling fast at all because it really was hard to see. I drove by a car stranded off the road and there was a girl walking around kicking it. It looked like she was crying and having a temper tantrum. Hell, I wouldn’t want to be stuck out there because there was no mobile service in the area.

I backed up and pulled in front of her and asked if she was having car problems. I guess that was a really dumb question – why else would she be attacking her car and crying? She said she had a flat tire and she could not get help on her mobile phone. I asked if she had a spare tire and she looked at me like I had been beamed down from a UFO.

I asked her to open her trunk. Lifting the carpeting I found the thing manufacturers now install as a spare tire. Showing it to her I told her that although it looked like a bicycle tire she could drive at least 50 miles on it. It would last until she got home and could get the regular tire fixed. I grabbed her jack and a big flash light out of my car and got to work.

She kept crying saying how nice I was and I had saved her. She didn’t know what she would have done if I did not come along. Just to keep her quiet and stop the tears I told her she could help. I let her hold the flashlight. The tire was changed and I told her she could be on her merry way. No harm – no foul.

Damn if the tears didn’t start again. She said she didn’t have any money to pay me for helping. I told her I was not expecting anything at all. Maybe in time she would meet someone who needed her help and she could ‘pay it forward.’ She frowned and then her face lit up like she had a brilliant thought.

We were on the car side away from the road, by the way. She reached for the zipper on my jeans and had it down before I could move. When she reached inside for my cock I told her that it was totally unnecessary. I was already backed up against the car so I could not step away. She had greedy, fast hands that found their prey in no time and she whipped my cock out with unbelievable expertise. And my cock has always had a mind of its own.

I did not want to take advantage of this stranger, but she seemed to know exactly what she was doing. Believe me, she was no novice. In her mind she was doing something worthwhile, so who was I to deprive her?

She knelt in front of me and took my flaccid cock all the way in her mouth and began sucking. She performed little tricks with her tongue and in minutes I was fully erect and as hard as a tree trunk. The whole thing was even more erotic because it was pitch black, but any car that came down the road might have been able to discern what was going on.

She was not happy that she had just my cock to work with. While holding me in her mouth, she reached up with her hands and unbuttoned my jeans and jerked them and my briefs down to my ankles. She now had the total package available to her and took full advantage.

First she began fondling my balls while she was sucking the head of my cock. Then she began stroking from the base of my shaft up and down very quickly. I couldn’t help it but I put my hands on the side of her head to keep her still while I fucked her mouth. It was hot, sweet and had my blood pumping along with my hips.

Naturally I told her how good she was and said a few other choice things. I told her I was very close to coming. I pulled out of her mouth because even though she offered herself, I thought it would be a little rude to shove my come down her throat. She finished me with her hands and aimed me away from her face. When she had squeezed and pumped every drop out of me, she licked me clean and helped pull up my jeans and tuck me safely away. My cock was still enlarged but at least it wasn’t hard.

I thanked her for her generosity and she said it was her pleasure. We got in our respective cars and drove away. My knees were shaking so badly I do not know how I made it but was very happy to be sitting again. I do not even know her name or where she lives.

If I hadn’t gone to that rotten party I would never have received a Class A blow job. This is not something I will tell the jerk of a host nor is it fodder for guys to help change women’s flat tires. I choose to believe this was a unique experience.

8th Apr 2016

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